RunPee: when you should leave the movie and have a wee?

RunPee is a website that tells you when the best time to leave a movie and run to the bathroom to pee is. It also tells you what you missed while you were draining off a quart or two of lime kool-aid.

RunPee (via Kottke)


  1. Wow. A legitimate excuse for leaving your (web enabled, smart) cellphone on in a theater! I never thought I’d see the day.

    (now if only it would load.)

  2. This is the most important thing to happen to film in the last 20 years. …It’s also the awesomest thing to happen to the internet since someone showed me those youtubes of the kitty playing keyboard.

  3. No reason for me to read this. At my age, it’s not up to ME when I head for the pisser.

  4. Generally the love scene or Tom Cruise’s dramatic soliloquy are good choices for me.

  5. Boo, it’s all Flash. If I can’t zip through their site on my iPhone while I’m at the theater, what’s the point?

  6. Tail end of an action sequence is good. You get a good 10-20 seconds of bits of metal falling out of the sky and some obligatory reflections. They make movies without things blowing up anymore?

  7. Hah, I remember the last time I had a situation like this was for Death Proof. I’d say the entire first 30-45 minutes is a good window

  8. Ah, movie-theater kool-aide. $3 for a drink who’s slogan for over a decade has been “only pennies a glass”.

  9. There are plenty of films where the pee start times and end times would coincide with the film start and end times.

  10. Oh for godsake. Don’t buy the Giant Coke and you won’t HAVE to go and pee. As an added bonus, you won’t have to climb over ME and disturb me as I’m trying to enjoy the movie I paid good money for.

    Show up on time. Sit down. Shut up. Don’t rustle your plastic bag for minutes at a time. If you’re sitting behind me, for god’s sake chew with your mouth closed, your cud is LOUD. Don’t leap out of your seat like it’s had an electrical charge put through it the second the credits roll. And yeah, don’t go climbing all over me because you can’t hold your bladder.

  11. Great, an app that encourages people to use their blindingly bright cellphones in the middle of a movie theatre.

    I’m sorry, there is still no excuse to wreck my experience in the theatre because you couldn’t just get up to go pee, or hold it.

  12. Time was that movie houses would put a little break in the middle of longer movies called an “intermission.” Take a whiz, buy some candy, don’t miss anything. All was good.

    I think the last time I had a mid-movie intermission was “Dances With Wolves.” I didn’t get one for “Titanic,” any of the “Lord of the Rings” films, or even the “Grindhouse” double feature (I’m not counting the fake trailers between those movies since they were part of what I paid to see). Surely movie theaters don’t think we have bigger bladders these days, so what gives?

  13. I’ve always had excellent pee timing. There’s inevitably a predictable moment in the movie where you know what’s going to happen. It’s been handy since my bladder is the size of an apricot.

  14. “And yeah, don’t go climbing all over me because you can’t hold your bladder.”

    Wouldn’t the alternative be even worse?

  15. Interesting idea, then they do the entire website in Shockwave, ensuring that just about anyone with a phone in a theatre who wants to access the information wont be able to load it. Brilliant

  16. Won’t this lead to a “DDoS” of the toilets?

    Perhaps doing it in Shockwave is intentional, so that people would turn off their iPhones in the theater. (But it’s probably more due to incompetent designers).

  17. A lot of the pee times on that site simply say: This is a bad movie, so you won’t miss anything by walking out for a bit.
    Can’t we just bribe the guy who has to change the rolls to give us a couple of minutes in between two?

  18. The site looks all “jumpsy” and flashing to me… like is not working properly or something. I managed to see some bits and I agree, at least with Angels and Demons.

  19. If some aging star like Harrison Ford or Bruce Willis is about to do the nasty, it’s a good time.
    The soft jazz saxophone will be your cue.

  20. I have a completely free solution to this problem:

    1. Take a piss BEFORE the movie starts.
    2. Watch entire movie without getting up to take a wizz.
    3. Profit!

    And if you have a small girly bladder, don’t order the 908984394oz drink and suck it all down within the first 5 minutes of the show.

  21. Seriously, there should be different movie theatres for different people. One theatre would be for people who like to talk during the movie, keep their cell on, want to go pee, come in late so they don’t have to see the commercials, go get more icecream and so on.
    And the other theatre would be for people who just want to enjoy the movie.
    I’d even pay extra.

  22. Teapunk at 37: exactly. I don’t get why the yappers even come. Can’t they stay outside and talk for free?

    If it’s a movie I REALLY want to see without having it ruined, I’ll make the trip to Sydney and pay the extra to see it in one of the premium “gold class” or similar cinemas. There’s no guarantee that there still won’t be yappers/bag rattlers/phone fiddlers/kid-dragger-alongers, but the higher ticket price seems to discourage them. Serious viewers only need apply, sort of thing.

  23. Simpler solution: buy your ticket (or at least choose the title/time) via an app on the phone, and it will listen for the start of the movie and sync with a streaming copy.

    Tap again when you gotta go, and switch your attention to the phone, which will play the streaming portion for a few minutes, perhaps briefly overlaid with restroom directions customized to the theatre and user’s gender, and with audio off until the user leaves the theater.

    If you limit visible portions of the movie to a few minutes in the middle, with no fast-forward, and GPS that restricts viewing to while you’re in a theatre, licensing should be reasonable.

  24. Don’t see any but the loudest movies at the theatre now, as anything with quite scenes will inevitably be destroyed by yappers. Star Trek in IMAX was perfect.

    Maybe I’m a bit over zealous, but what we need is one or two incidents of yappers being found after the lights come up with ice picks protruding from their skulls. Just one or two such incidents is all I ask for–it would have a quieting effect I think, with very little negative to speak of (other than the loss of a good ice pick).

    BTW: Didn’t they used to provide cups for the popcorn, rather than bags, to prevent the rustling? What’s up with going back to bags if the theaters are genuinely concerned about the noise?

  25. I like the idea, but just looking at Star Trek and Wolverine, he seems to have picked good action/tension scenes when both movies have slow talky parts that could be skipped. I think he just wrote down whatever scenes he could remember.

  26. the perfect time is when those earwig things show up in startrek. Khaaan! That scene still haunts me to this day. I probably would be a different person without having seen that in my impressionable years. Last night, at the new startrek – SPOILER – when the slimey brain bug appeared I covered my eyes, could just have easily gone for a piss. I thankfully have no idea which of the captains facial orifices it craweled into.

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