Shark-attack hat

Crafster user 3RaysOfSunshine made this wonderful shark-attack hat for her son. I wish I had one to wear to my next court-appearance!

I made this hat for my son - he wanted a mean shark. I saw the dead fish hat pattern and loved the idea - I just varied the pattern quite a lot to make different looking species. And felted it so it looks like it jumped out of the water and landed on his head... I basically cast 90 stitches onto a size 9 circular needle and winged it from there. I used Patons wool and it felted great.
Shark Attack Hat


  1. #1 menace to our children: BEARS!!!!!11!

    Srsly, if I were a better knitter, I would so want to make this hat. (cue Jaws theme)

  2. There are a bunch of different animalsthat would work well with this concept:
    -rooster (but not the mouth end)
    -bull dog
    -sea turtle

    I’m gonna open an etsy store.

  3. There are a bunch of different animals that would work well with this concept:

    …Missing the obvious Half-Life hat opportunity.

  4. Neat love this one! I agree with the reg yarn to simulate blood! that would make it pretty rad!

  5. I make similar hats to this out of fleece and sell them on etsy. Also make lots of squidhats.

    An old shark I sold

    Don’t have any sharks listed right now but am almost done making one it will be up tomorrow.

    My store:

  6. You can buy this at Universal Studios in Orlando. They use it to promote the JAWS ride.

  7. You can totally also get this hat in Playstation Home (for females) with a free code!

    Go to the Playstation store and redeem with this code: MC56 BXBC 349K

  8. The people who are saying we can buy the hat, are kind of missing the point. Some of us like to knit…

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