4,032 page Agatha Christie book is over one-foot-thick


All 12 of Agatha Christie's Miss Marple novels and 20 short stories are included in a single bound volume. Price is £1000.

With 252, 16-page hand-sewn sections, the production values of this limited edition are amazing and the attention to detail is remarkable. Bound by Cedric & Chivers Period Bookbinding, cased in Winters Wintan leather, blocked in gold on the front and spine, with head and tail bands, four silk ribbon markers to keep your place, and with only 500 made, this special limited edition is for fans and collectors alike.
4,032 page Agatha Christie book is over one-foot-thick (Via Orange Crate Art)


  1. I like that it comes with a carrying case, as if you would want to take it with you somewhere to read. But wouldn’t the book Bhutan have the largest spine?

  2. Wow, thats expensive. I can get you a better price on a truck load of comparable horseshit.

  3. Having never been an Agatha Christie fan, I have to say, I’m surprised that I turn out to be an Agatha Christie fan fan. Hubba hubba, for cute girls with big books.

    Yes. I said books.

  4. The fact that they show someone as though they’re taking this on the go to read from it is hilarious.

    That thing looks bigger than the Oxford Dictionaries under which timid library podiums quiver and creak.

  5. “The Production values of this limited edition are amazing.”

    Oh? All I can think upon looking at this thing is “that someone thought this was a good idea is amazing.” It is a book for people who hate books, because they can be smug about owning it without having to ever open it, and that is a shame because Agatha Christie deserves to be read. I do however have to give props for the photo of the lady on the park bench.

  6. Man! For £1000, you could get yourself an iLiad and D/L the books.

    And have lots of money left over for some good single-malt whiskey. And a week-end at a nice B&B on the Isle of Wight.

  7. At first I thought this was the dumbest gimmick ever, but then it downed on me that a book that big must also weigh a lot. You could clobber somebody with it. And that fits so well with the given theme that I´m prepaired to forgive the utter lack of readability.

  8. Simply reporting of it is worth 2 seconds of curiosity, 3 more of derisive laughter maybe and a last 4 at wondering about the extent of human stupidity.

    The real scoop would be the story behind the book. Who designed it? Who made it? Are they people who specialize into off-the-wall designs? What is the intended market? Is there one? Is this more than a publicity stunt? If there are buyers who are they? What motivates their purchase? What are they actually going to do with that book? Buy four and make a coffee table of it?

  9. A look at the picture had me doubting the headline. The link has “a new world record – for the book with the thickest spine. Measuring over a foot long…” I’m going to guess that while the record is for the thickest spine, the measurement is for the spine’s length, not its thickness.

  10. You know, if that was a Poirot collection, I might be at least slightly tempted. Never could get into Marple…

  11. Shopped. I can tell by some of the pixels, and the fact that my tolerance for bibliophilic excess apparently does, in fact, have a limit, so this must therefore be impossible.

  12. reminds me of this:

    “If you’re going to buy one Garth Marenghi book, buy this one. Because it’s all of them.”

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