Milton Bradley Bump Ball, circa 1969


Over at Dinosaurs and Robots, Todd Lappin writes about finding "a mysterious time capsule sitting curbside on a street in San Francisco: One (1) Milton Bradley Bump Ball, circa 1969, complete in original box."

From a Houston Press page that has information about this nubby toy:

Apparently, the idea was to toss the ball in the air and keep it from hitting the ground by pressing it between you and the nearest hot chick while gyrating to the Bump Ball theme song. A 45 of the song was included with every ball. "It's time the boys got closer to the girls," the album cover continues. The concept had everything. Dancing. Sex. Balls. Rock n' roll. How could the Bump Ball fail?


If anyone knows where a link to this song is, please post it in the comments.

Bump Ball


  1. With senso-nubsâ„¢ no less. Take that, Happy Fun Ball! Oh shit, I just taunted Happy Fun Ball.

  2. OK. Here’s what I’ve dug up: The song was performed by a group called The Combinations, apparently. Haven’t found a link to the FULL song, but here’s a link to a 15-20 second clip or so:,,3429941-7238347,00.html

    Here is an interesting article about the ball/CD:

    And here’s an undated interview with one of the band members! :

  3. Wow.

    I’m sure budding young journalist George Will got several columns worth of moral outrage out of that thing.

    * * *

    Maybe its time for the Bump Ball to get an update. Make it vibrate and ooze lubricant, and heck, put a MP3 player in it.

  4. It’s a monochrome Katamari. Am I the first one that noticed that? Or the first one to admit.

    Matias (@matatias)

  5. The album is on Pickwick, big surprise.

    I’ll say one thing about the Bump Ball– it looks a lot more fun than HackySack, which is the most ridiculous waste of time ever (unless you get your enjoyment from watching other people show off how uncoordinated and “white” they are.)

  6. ILL LICH, why are you implying white people are uncoordinated? YouTube hacky sack please. I’m 1/8 Native American, so I can talk talk about you white folks.

  7. “Maybe its time for the Bump Ball to get an update. Make it vibrate and ooze lubricant, and heck, put a MP3 player in it.”

    Dont forget wifi, a touch screen and bluetooth.
    Rember, the future of technoligy isn’t more easy-to-use, usefull gadgets, it’s more useless gadgets with fetures that no one needs.

    On that note, I’m writing this through my internet enabled hairdryer!

  8. I sure would like to see a higher resolution image of the sleeve for that 45, maybe someone can point me to it. looks funny!

  9. HA! I’ve had a copy of that album for fifteen years or more. Part of what I lovingly refer to as my tacky record collection. The record is mostly vaguely bland Beatlesque pop. The cover is better than the music on the record. That middle aged guy in his uber-tight pants and vest and bright red shoes looks like he’s having WAY too much fun doing the bump ball with the ’60’s chick.

  10. I find it disturbing how degraded and worn the bumps on this ball are. What have they been DOING with this ball?

  11. How could anyone have thrown that away?

    It’s fun – and possibly educational.

  12. OMG, I totally have old pictures of a party my parents had, and they are playing this “game”.

  13. I just bought that thing on ebay. I’m imagining being able to make some ridiculous photos with that. . . and maybe have a harrassment suit come out of any party where it’s put to use.

    Can’t wait!

  14. This guy found a giant virus in a box and took it home? Great. Now we’re all going to get huge influenza and DIE.

  15. Hey, this is the author of the Houston Press article. Note that the record pictured is NOT the free 45 that came with the bump ball, but a full LP sold separately.

    I wish I could find a bump ball laying on the side of the road. You need to go back and look for the 45!

  16. Well, that gave me an interesting afternoon, Mark.

    “Bump Ball” by The Combinations can be heard/downloaded at/from Amazon.

    Nota Bene: The link includes my Amazon affiliate code. Figure I might as well get paid for my efforts. :-)

    Here’s a little more info. “Bump Ball” was originally released in 1968 as a 45 is the RCA label (RCA 9482). The B-side was “I’m On The Outside (Looking In).” The song was re-released on the 2005 compilation CD “Absolutely Allentown,” which is where I found it.

    For those interested, I do music research for a living, and you can read more of my articles at The Dreamtime Blog and Podcast.

  17. Thank you so much for the links! I had a Bump Ball when I was a kid, and have never found anyone else that’s ever heard of it. Proof that I’m not nuts!!!

  18. “Apparently, the idea was to toss the ball in the air and GET YOURSELF LAID by pressing it between you and the nearest hot chick while gyrating to the Bump Ball theme song.”


  19. Found your sight while looking for info on the Cominations, a group that made the song “Bump Ball” for Milton Bradley, recorded on RCA Victor 47-9482. They werea Pennsylvania garage band based on their interview which you can read here, and you can hear the tune on YouTube here

    Thanks for the picturs on the bump ball… did not even remember it, even when reading their interview, until I saw it here.


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