Fourth Street Fantasy Con, intimate, literate convention in Minneapolis


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  1. fledchen says:

    This sounds like a great convention, and it’s only a couple of blocks away from where I live so I wouldn’t even need to get a hotel room.

    I’m disappointed that I can’t go because this was posted about just a few hours before the registration deadline.

  2. Tom Hale says:

    It would be fun going to one of these. I’ve been reading these sort of books for a looooong time. It’s weird how few people read – at my station I’m the only one that reads for fun – and that out of around 30 people. My wife, both my sons and I love to read.

  3. cinemajay says:

    This sounds really cool. I would consider going if there was actually program information. The link on their site only gives ideas for suggesting programs.

  4. Talia says:

    Sounds interesting, but yeah. Extremely short notice. Oh well, maybe some other year.

    For the interested, here is a literature-based convention in Massachusetts with registration open through 6/30. Guests this yeear include Elizabeth Hand and Greer Gilman.

    Ooh as an aside, I just noticed Laird Barron on the guest list. Excellently creepy short story writer. Quite a few familiar names on the guest list actually.. hmmm

  5. laurel says:

    Online pre-registration has been extended through Wednesday, May 27th (previously was through May 26th). Deadline for hotel room reservations is also May 27th.

    The ideas listed on the programming page are the ideas being worked on for this year’s Fourth Street so many (most?) of those will probably be on the schedule. I added a line or two to the website to try and make that clearer; also links to last year’s schedule and the one from 1995.

    Hope this helps,

    Laurel Krahn
    Fourth Street Fantasy Convention webmaster

  6. hardwarejunkie9 says:

    That sounds like a blast.

    Steven Brust’s local to me and always shows up at AggieCon ( and has been one of my personal favorite guests. He’s always up for good conversation and is one of the easiest people to work with. Anyone who has a chance to meet him should definitely take it.

    That and you have to love his hat :-D

  7. Daemon says:

    This stuff never happens anywhere near where I live…

  8. nosehat says:

    @Daemon #1: Have you considered organizing one yourself, then?

    Regional SF/Fantasy Cons can be very small-scale, low-key kinds of things that are nevertheless a whole lot of fun.

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