Superb fan-made Green Lantern movie trailer

Jay sez, "Awesome fan-made trailer for Green Lantern film (live action) starring Nathan Fillion! Cool clips from Firefly, JLU, Star Trek and much more included!"

It's so true: Copyright infringement is your best entertainment dollar!

Green Lantern Trailer (Thanks, Jay!)


  1. I wonder how many Youtube views this has to get before some clever studio decides to make the movie and take advantage of the free pre-fab buzz. Then we can look forward to a whole new wave of media articles about the emergence of fan-made-youtube-trailer-driven-cinema. I for one welcome our new fanboy and fangirl overlords.

    Oh, and Nathan Fillion is awesome.

  2. Man. That actually looks really fun. Green Lantern was my favorite as a kid, just cause of all the really strange aliens and the odd alan moore story.

  3. Copyright my pants!
    This looks favolous! Even with the “very recognizable scenes” of superheroes films.
    But you know, haven’t read anything of Green Lantern I buy it!!!
    I buy it!! I DO BUY IT!!!!
    Do ya hear me WB?!
    I BUY IT!

  4. Now if only the comic books were half as enjoyable.
    If you’ve picked up a Green Lantern title lately you’ll know it’s sunk into nothing more than dismemberments and revenge fantasies.

  5. The sad thing is that two minute and thirty eight second trailer is probably going to be better than the entire movie when it comes out.

  6. I love that the “language” of trailers for big-tent movies has become so universal. The touch of comedy, the tinkling piano music, the evocative poses, the hints of fight scenes/battles.

    That doesn’t take away from this clever bit of work one bit. Reading that language and speaking it well are two very different things. Well done!

  7. The trailer is brilliantly done. It looks great. Now the question is – Wouldn’t the filmmaker(s) have been better off spending their time, energy, money and talent on creating a new property which they would own?

    For all the effort – they get absolutely nothing out if it. What’s the point?

  8. WB take note: this is what fans (and the public) want!

    Green Lantern is a cross between superheroes and Star Wars

  9. That squirrel guy should appear and, at some point, there should be a joke about him hitting someone in the “nuts,” possibly the big villain in the climactic battle

    Hollywood are you listening

  10. Guy gardner was the best green lantern.

    #12 It was cool. What other point should there be?

  11. Steve Schnier @ 12:

    They get love out of it. They get their talents as editors recognized. And they get to be on BB. For some people, that kind of appreciation is enough.

    Also I would argue that a filmmaker doesn’t always “own” her works — filmmaking is a collaborative process between creators, producers, and studios. Ridley Scott “owned” Blade Runner but he still had to insert a voiceover and ending that he couldn’t stand when the film debuted. Alan Moore “owns” Watchmen — only he doesn’t, DC does, no wait, Warner, no, wait, FOX? By contrast, a work of image and video editing can be accomplished and distributed by one person.

  12. Wow, I thought this was for a real movie. I didn’t realize that the movie is nonexistent until I read the comments here.

    Seriously, where did they get the clip at the end, with the dialogue about the “superhero tight-pants bullshit”?

  13. It looks like some of the footage is original.

    It is kinda confusing.

    I always thought a Green Lantern movie would be a good excuse to cast Keanu Reeves and Will Smith in the same movie (as Hal and John of course).

    Keanu’s gettin’ a little old for this shit though, unfortunately, looking a little jowly in Day the Earth Stood Still. Next nerd icon?

    (Stephen Colbert as Sinestro? Ow, ow, stop it!)

  14. @largemarge: I think it’s from a Canadian SF/Horror movie that Filion was in, White Noise 2: The Light. His character has a near death experience, and gains the power to tell if someone is going to die soon.

  15. sooo cool. i was green lantern for halloween in eugene, oregon many years ago. i rocked it, umm…or at least IIII thought i did. ;)

    cheers, @gambino

  16. A good trailer is easier to make than a good movie, because a trailer doesn’t have to have a coherent story holding it together. You can just show the cool parts. That’s the secret behind the awesome “Grayson” trailer from a few years back. There’s far too much going on in that trailer to fit into one movie, but wow, it’s cool to look at it and imagine that it could be made.

  17. i take it back, it think every scrap is cribbed and photoshopped (or whatever) … what’s the video equivalent to photoshop anyway?

    whether somebody animated costumes on top of existing footage, or pasted actor heads on top of existing animation, either way … damn

  18. This movie should be made. It would be seen. By me. Several times.

    I find myself agreeing with more comments in this thread than any in recent memory. GL was one of the great comics in the old days! (No knowledge of recently.)

  19. Can someone please actually make this movie? Can that someone also please keep/hire Nathan Filion for the role? I’d pay good money to watch him fiogure out how to use that ring. LOL

  20. EscapingTheTrunk @ 18

    You can be inspired by something – and then use that excitement to make your own unique creation.

    In very simple terms – the guy wearing the best set of Spock ears at this year’s ComiCon is still wearing a copy of someone elses work. That’s okay when you’re 12 years old – but I assume that the guys behind this trailer are pros.

  21. You can also make your own creation using bits of other people’s creations. This isn’t just copying something outright, a lot of creativity obviously went into this.

    We’ve been through all of this with music. Is the music that DJ Shadow or Amon Tobin makes not an original creation because it’s made from samples?

  22. @27 Steve Schnier

    JSB was in his fifties when he composed The Goldberg Variations. Pity he wasted his time instead of doing something ‘original.’

  23. There is a big difference between an artist composing The Goldberg Variations and a pimply kid wearing Spock ears.

    And as fine as the Green Lantern trailer is – it’s nothing but a nice pair of Spock Ears.

  24. The point is to do something awesome in the name of awesome, and maybe show-off some serious editing and after-effects skills along the way.

  25. I’d love to sit down and dissect every last thing they cribbed scenes from. Looked like they even used a snip from an episode of Kamen Rider Dragon Knight and of course the Firefly bits. Really well done, and Nathan Fillion would be a terrific GL. Good age, good look, convincing in the “I’m not a hero its my job” cocky type role.. I’d go see him in it.. for sure

  26. @30 Steve Schnier

    If you can’t see the difference b/t this and “wearing Spock ears” you really shouldn’t be having this conversation.

  27. i see bits of…

    Star Trek (yes, the recent one)
    Matrix Revolutions (if not more than one)
    Chronicles of Riddick (what, you didn’t recognize Toombs’ ship?)
    White Noise 2
    Lord of the Rings (Elrond’s lines in the voiceover)
    Planet of the Apes (recent one — pod crashing thru jungle bits)
    Fantastic Four 2 (rubbery extend-o-hand bits)
    Star Wars prequels (eps 2 or 3, not sure, what else would the big round spaceship be from?)
    Iron Man? (man-flying-through city bits?)

    what else?

  28. Oh my God. I am so there with dollars in my fist. I know this doesn’t exist, but it should: MAKE IT SO!

    Nathan Fillion is SO the guy for it. Such a good actor, so under-used.

    Oh, and Hollywood– find out who made this and hire them. Thanks.

  29. @34: I guess looking under “more info” on the youtube page would have been too easy eh?

  30. aren’t you a smarty pants #34, except that the list on Youtube misses out at least one clip, the eclipse from Heroes.

  31. I laud the good choice of scenes from existing movies. They did not in any way look forced. Love this trailer a lot. If I were not a movie going person, I would have believe this were true.

  32. Church @ 30

    Of course I can see the difference between the trailer and a pair of Spock ears. I was just saying that for the time and effort they put into it – if it was me, I would have done something original.

    Just saying…

  33. Its too bad WB has already cast their Hal Jordan for the upcoming film, Nathan Fillion would be great as a GL. If you want to see him do other Superhero stuff, he did the voice of the Steve Trevor in the recent Wonder Woman animated film. Does a great job in it as well.

    For me though, I always thought most of the cast of Farscape would be perfect for casting in a GL movie.

    Ben Browder(John Chricton): Hal Jordon
    Wayne Pygram(Scorpius): Sinestro
    Anthony Simcoe(Dargo): Kilowog
    Claudia Black(Ayern Sun): Jade

  34. @34; @39.
    nathan fillion also appears as a super hero in the amazingly awesome joss whedon web film: dr. horrible’s sing along blog. i think that’s where some of the flying around comes from ( tho also iron man and possibly even a spider man jumping scene )

  35. Scheduled to begin filming this summer, with a script supposedly written by the excellent team behind “Eli Stone” and “Jack & Bobby”, though I can’t find confirmation of the casting.

    Still, knowing the movie biz, there will probably be very little of the current script in the final movie. Sigh, we could hope anyway.

  36. A movie for Green Lantern would not be enough for the story. Perhaps mini series with the story and you can have a lot of guest writers for this. Nathan Fillion as GL is a great idea, although he does need the mask.

    For being fan based, this is pretty good. Perhaps I suspect fan based with the right connections and enough monetary support?.

  37. It’s from the Star Trek trailer and I guess from the movie score. And I believe it’s usage is why everyone is creaming their pants about this fantrailer.
    It’s an awesome job of editing and effects- but it seems like the placement of deep, intense,male voiceovers on top of the rising horns and strings over images of random super-flying creates a sort of Pavlov’s fan – regardless of content.
    It’s interesting to see how easily succumbed people are to glamour and sparkle – and parental vocal resonances with triumphant music. Ha- humans……

  38. Hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooly Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!
    This looks great!

  39. They’ve got some dude named Brad Cooper RUMORED to play Hal on IMDB. I would love to see Fillion get this m’self… He’s already a big geek name, but this could make his career, if he WANTS to be a superstar…

  40. @41: nope, there’s no Dr Horrible in there that i can see. (DH was super-low budget; there aren’t any flying scenes in it. there’s one shot of Captain Hammer landing, but it’s a jump-into-the-shot-from-off-camera sort of thing.)

  41. This is very Spock Ears. The fact that every genre film Martin Campbell directs recently suffers from extensive fan-casting is a bit funny.

  42. the part where 3 green lanterns are diving down past a long metal chord-thing is from star trek TIME = 1:24. I guarantee it

  43. “I assume that the guys behind this trailer are pros.” Nope. A google search for guy+behind+green+lantern+trailer shows the guy who made this does multimedia work at a church in Texas.

  44. After seeing Nathan Fillion in this little fic. piece I am going to be soooo disappointed when/if I see the actual movie w/ Ryan Reynolds. This was excelently done and the studios better stand up and take notice! Good job on this.

  45. Well, I’m so old that I was nearing the end of what I imagined to be comic-book appropriate age when the Hal Jordan comics appeared, and maybe that’s why I think this is an astonishing achievement. Even though boing-boing said it was a fan-created clip, I found myself totally believing it and unable to imagine how it could’ve been faked. (I totally agree with comment #55.) The com ments were great though the meaner ones sounded like the guys on BIG BANG THEORY. The beatnik in me bristled at the “why would you do this for no financial reward?” comment, and I loved the instant “art for art’s sake” ripostes. “Awesomeness for awesomeness’ sake,” I suppose I should say.

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