Tiny knitted meerkats in Star Trek uniforms

Dawn sez, "Etsy crafter has created tiny knitted meercats in TOS uniforms - including one "he's dead" redshirt and, I assume, Kirk and Bones, who has a tiny bead med-scanner."

Star Trek Meerkat Bones McCoy Original Series (Thanks, Dawn!)


  1. thanks so much for featuring my trekker meerkats! if you’re a brit, you can also find them at niftyknits.folksy.com! Live long and prosper

  2. He’s dead Jim.

    Way to go Crewman Number Six!

    Jason Nesmith: You’re not gonna die on the planet, Guy.

    Guy Fleegman: I’m not? Then what’s my last name?

    Jason Nesmith: It’s, uh, uh – -I don’t know.

    Guy Fleegman: Nobody knows. Do you know why? Because my character isn’t important enough for a last name, because I’m gonna die five minutes in.

    Gwen DeMarco: Guy, you have a last name.

    Guy Fleegman: DO I? DO I? For all you know, I’m “Crewman Number Six”! Mommy… mommy…

    Sir Alexander Dane: Are we there yet?

  3. LOL – love the mini-script there. The trekkie (treker?) meerkats have gone viral since this piece, for which I thank you *mwah*

    Pleeeeease don’t ask me to sell my pattern, cos that would involve writing it down – but I shall knit like fury all weekend!

    Live long and prosper!

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