Swamp Kirin coming to Maker Faire

Dale Dougherty says:

One of the more surprising entries coming to Maker Faire this year is from Seabat Studios from Fayetteville, Arkansas. It's called Swamp Kirin, a 9-foot tall, hoof to horn tip, four legged, moss covered thing. Swamp Kirin towers over the masses as it ambles lazily through the crowds. There is no age limit to the wonder that this creature is capable of inspiring.

Above is a video of the Swamp Kirin in action. Link to video.

Seabat Studios is Haley Duke and Mark Krause. If you're coming to Maker Faire, look for Swamp Kirin to make regular appearances near the Boiler Bar Theatre.

Maker Faire (makerfaire.com) is Saturday & Sunday, May 30-31st at the San Mateo Expo Center in the SF Bay Area.

Swamp Kirin coming to Maker Faire