Famous Swedish poet explains why he's voting for the Pirate Party

PaulR sez, "Swedish, poet, novelist and scholar Lars Gustafsson blogged his reasons for voting for the Pirate Party in the next Swedish election to the European Parliament, to be held on 7 June 2009."
Intellectual and personal integrity for the citizens, briefly speaking an internet that has not been transformed into a government channel by lobby-marinated courts and EU politicians in leashes, is arguably more important than the needs of a primarily industrial scene of literature and music, which is rapidly crumbling away already within the lifetime of the authors. The need of being read, of influencing, to formulate one's times, may but does not need to get in conflict with the wish to sell many copies. When the both needs are getting in conflict, the industrial interest must be put aside and the great intellectual sphere of the arts must be defended against threats.

The essential interest of artists and authors, given that they are intellectually and morally serious in hat they are doing, must certainly be to get read, to let their voice become heard in their generation. How that goal is attained, that is, how to reach the readers, is in this perspective of secondary importance.

The growing defence of the internet's expanded freedom of speech, of the immaterial civil rights, that we are now witnessing in country after country, is the start of an - just as the last time in the early 18th century - liberalism that is carried by technology and therefore emancipated.

Therefore, my vote goes to the Pirate Party.

Lars Gustafsson: "Why my vote goes to the Pirate Party" (English translation of today's text (Thanks, PaulR!)


  1. The Pirate Party’s showing in Sweden’s 2006 election was somewhat weaker than the American Communist Party’s performance that same year.

    In other words, Good Luck With That.

  2. Considering that the Pirate Party was founded in 2006, getting 0.6% of the vote in 2006 is remarkable.

    I’m seriously considering moving to Sweden so I can vote for the Pirate Party.

    That, and so I can vote for Hillevi Larsson, even if she isn’t from the PP.


  3. I voted for the PIRATPARTIET! From Florida thanks to a write-in ballot for Swedish citizens living abroad. I voted for them in the 2006 Swedish general election as well. Hopefully with all this momentum they should be able to get a few Parliament seats in Sweden’s next general election on top of some European Parliament seats next month.

  4. Paulr: Why would you vote for Hillevi Larsson? I’m just curious as I haven’t decided for myself yet. I don’t know much about her, other than she’s very cute for a politician…

  5. “she’s very cute for a politician”
    Heck, she’s very cute for a person! Isn’t that reason enough?

    I clicked on the link provided by ‘anonymous’ @ 3. I saw that the poll quoted was from May 22nd. I wondered if there was more recent polls. I wondered whether Mr. Gustafsson’s blog post had caused a ‘Colbert Bump’ in the PP’s numbers.
    So I clicked on The Local‘s News link and scrolled down the page and: “Hello!”

    Isn’t this what’s so great about surfing the Web?

  6. “Famous”

    I had some vague idea of who this guy is and I’m a Swedish literature and poetry nerd. He had some fame in the 60’s and 70’s in a rather vocal clique (Swedish to-the-left-of-the-left intellectuals (US-Americans would call them Commies, but not all of them was), now the mayor part of the cultural establishment in Sweden (think: “Get of my lawn, you damn kids”)). I think there has been TV dramatisations made from some of his novels and he is one of those guys that always get a lot of literature prices but nobody know who he is or have read any of his books.

    Some ordinary Swedes that were grown ups in the 60’s and 70’s may know who this guy is, younger people don’t. Famous he’s not, but it’s good to see old geeks from the establishment still stand up for the ideals they had as young rebels.

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