NYC: Hackday around tangible interfaces June 6

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If you're in NYC next Saturday, Internet Week New York is hosting a global hackday around tangible interfaces. More info over at the Hackday site. It'll be interesting to see what comes out of this! From Hackday:
Lonycweekgo 2 In an open hackday for coders and makers, we expand the notion of digital software interfaces into the three-dimensional physical world. Using tangible objects and webcam tracking, we’ll work with the open-source Trackmate project and LusidOSC framework developed by the Tangible Media Group at the MIT Media Lab. We’ll experiment with new interfaces for music, live and interactive visuals, and the Web, as hackers attending try their own hardware and software projects. By the end of the day, we should have a collection of tangible interface projects. Participants should have a background in Java or Processing; for the complete project, check our site for a required bill of materials.

During the day, we’ll get together and make interfaces. Then, everyone will be welcome to come check out the results and learn how to make their own projects at a party in the evening. We’ll have live music and visual play with the new interfaces, plus a bit of Guitar Hero / music games to blow off steam.

Live global hacking: 11a-7p (arrive promptly for a quick mini-workshop / demo) Party: 7-9:30p
Hackday in NYC: Tangible Interfaces


  1. oooh! oooh! I got one! A bath of stiff gel with x/y/z axes correlated through magnetic field suspended ferrite granules that you read with a PET scanner sort of affair while you wiggle your fingers! Like a mouse only much more expensive! (later to be adapted to a haptic whole body bath for interactive pron)

  2. I get neck and wrist pain just looking at the interface in the picture. It’s a neat concept and
    visually interesting, but something that requires
    you to reach a couple inches above your keyboard
    and avoid getting poked in the wrist by the protrusions on the picture frame would be really
    strenuous to use.

    The kinds of interfaces I’d really get excited
    are more ergonomic replacements for the mouse.

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