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12 Responses to “BB Video - Boiler Bar: Oilpunk Creations + Sexy Burlesque Gyrations”

  1. amybeanz says:

    Best show in town! Don’t miss it!!!

  2. TheCrawNotTheCraw says:

    Love to go, but $35 for a ticket seems high.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The proper term is “dieselpunk.”

  4. Anonymous says:

    Dr. Diesel retorts, “Anything that burns petroleum should not bear my name, you anonymous little punk!”

    The Diesel Vision was of small independent farmer/makers who pressed their own carbon-neutral vegetable oil for fuel and feedstock. Running Dr. Diesel’s engine on petroleum is an abomination and an abuse of the legacy of a great man.

  5. SFSlim says:


    Do go! Having been every year myself, I’m sure that once you’re inside, eyes agog and mind reeling from the abundant and diverse creativity on display, any thoughts of the ticket price will hastily dissipate. Much like Burning Man, the only people who bemoan the (seemingly exorbitant) ticket price are those that haven’t been. Once you experience it firsthand, the scale by which you evaluate such things is forever recalibrated.

    Further, though it may perhaps be of little help this year, for both events, many people who cannot afford to attend obtain free passes by volunteering their time to help make the event a reality. This approach has the further benefit of providing other, richer experiential rewards. I’ve given months of my labor to Burning Man over the years, and I can assure you that a free ticket is the least of the perks. The memories, friendships and experiences I’ve gained are priceless.

    • Xeni Jardin says:

      @TheCrawNotTheCraw What sfslim said. It’s truly an incredible event, you will be so overstimulated you won’t know what to do. Pay the $35, go check it out, and if you feel like you haven’t gotten your dough’s worth? Seriously, dude, come back to this comment thread and if you can honestly, in you craw of craws, tell me that’s not a fair price, I’ll refund the damn ticket myself. The Make people do it right, and there is no other event like this.

  6. nck wntrhltr says:

    Here’s a shot of the Golden Mean interview which apparently didn’t make the cut: http://tinyurl.com/bbv-snailcar

  7. TheCrawNotTheCraw says:

    @ SFSLIM and XENI,

    Thank you for the encouragement to attend, and your personal replies. I will think about it. I would certainly like to meet more makers, before I meet my “maker.”

    Xeni, thank you for your kind offer. I won’t take your money, but because I am impressed with your generous nature, you’ve made a friend, “like it or not.” :-)

    “Do you know what they call me, Mr. Smart?”

    Max (thinking): “Uh… Lefty?”

  8. wfrancis says:

    the traction engine towing the Neverwas Haul is Hortense, from the Kinetic Steam Works collection


  9. overunger says:

    “STEAM Bohemians”? really? -ugh- x{
    That’s the best name they came up with?
    The whole Steampunk thing is already getting cheesy and overdone without help from Disney sounding names. I mean it has “steam” in the name!! I’m sorry, they seem like cool,fun,talented people , but -my god, that’s just –yeesh.
    I don’t mean to be mean, it’s just like-” Hey, you came for a ‘steampunky’ sort of event-well, here’s the ‘STEAM’ Bohemians!- woo hoo!! ”


  10. shadowfirebird says:

    I wondered what that was. It sounds like great fun.

    But I’m guessing that this oilpunk/dieslpunk thing is strictly US-only. Here in the UK, the period of history which “harkens back to a time when hard work, combustion engines and industry shaped us” was the steam era.