Economist waterboards Geithner in effigy

Rogue economist Max Keiser writes, "Max Keiser is on the edge of the financial news where future financial scandals, market crashes and monetary crises begin. Be there before it happens: On the Edge with Max Keiser. I've got Alex Jones lined up for next week - should be pretty interesting Anyone watching the show should get some psychic satisfaction as I symbolically water Timothy Geithner on the show this week. I used a doll dressed up like a pirate or 'banker' as pirates are called in the U.S. The emphasis on prosecuting the harshest criminals in America should really be focused on the Fed and the Treasury. Clearly, they have abandoned any pretense of any sort of system of checks and balances for the banking system and are simply aiding and abetting the continued fleecing of America in ways that Bin Laden could only dream about if he were still alive. "

On the Edge with Max Keiser - Bond crisis? IMF? China? . . . Tune in


  1. The article’s paragraph is missing the opening double quotes. The text was a little confusing until I figured this out.

    That, and Michael Hudson rules!

  2. Good job on the water boarding. You need to sloped the private back so the water goes up his nose.

  3. Rogue economist, eh? How about refreshing realist?

    The text would make more sense if it said “waterboard” instead of “water”.

  4. This is actually a bad representation of Max Keiser. I think he lowered the intellectual level of this trailer (and maybe the show) because most of what he says goes over his potential demographic’s head. For example he has pointed out that environmentalists have never made inroads because of their lack of economic and monetary knowledge. One can not compete with those who have the ability to create money. (Until the system crashes down. Maybe it’s too late at that point though)

    On torture not being funny: He’s actually proposed a return to French Revolution style justice. (On a side note it shows what real freedom of speech they have in France that he doesn’t get take out by ‘the homeland’ police) While I don’t advocate that, if one understands the mass devastation and deaths caused by the world financial oligarchs it is not out of the question in the future if the masses wake up.

  5. This may be perceived as sexist, but playing with dolls on television might not be the best way to get people to take you seriously, as an Economist…

  6. I was in line with crunchbird with the wait, so torture is funny? Plus, the bankers aren’t the only criminals in the equation. And being as bad as Bin Laden? Way out of line.

    Then I watched the video. The comedy bit gets top marks. It turns out waterboarding pirate dolls is hilarious. But, the political commentary gets a middling score.

    What can I say? He had me at pirate dolls.

  7. Hey, GUESSTIMATE JONES, lighten up,buddy -c’mon- did you forget what blog you’re on? or maybe you’re just being fun and silly, in which case I apologize.
    All the world is a stage- I think someone quite intelligent and with a high sense of humor said that.

    Anyway, this guy is out to lunch- and possibly drunk. He reminds me a little of an economic reporter version of an early David Letterman. But, yaknow, i think we need some a’ this action.

    Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert can only do so much.

  8. “Plus, the bankers aren’t the only criminals in the equation. And being as bad as Bin Laden? Way out of line.”

    in terms of intention, maybe not, but in terms of amount of deaths and suffering caused, Osama isn’t even in the same league as these oligarchs.

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