Guide to some of the military's rock bands

Over at, the inimitable Jack Boulware surveys the greatest of the military rock bands. Some are "official" while others, called "kix bands" by the Navy, are in it just for the, er, kicks. From
Battlebandddddd Hang Ten aka US Navy Pacific Fleet Rock Band

Based at: Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

Members: Nine

Official Description: “An extensive repertoire encompassing popular music from the 1960's to today's latest hits…everything from rock and pop to disco and light jazz”

Playlist: Guns N’ Roses, Gwen Stefani, Bob Marley

Original Songs: None listed

Bonus: Navy publicity requested control and approval over this story!
"Battle of the Battle Bands"


  1. Forget Reveille, let them wake up to Loud Noises, US Army 4th Infantry Division.

  2. @ #2 posted by Antinous

    If you were Taliban or Al Qaeda and saw that, would you fight or flee? ; )

    1. I would run right into the arms of the big, girly one. One of the stories of the Taliban’s origin is that it started when two local warlords faced off over possession of a doe-eyed boy.

  3. Have any good bands actually come out of the US military? Only one I can think of is the Monks.

  4. Military bands are allowed to play Guns N’ Roses? Considering all the religious types in the upper echelons of the military, I thought they’d be restricted to Christian Rock.

  5. @ #6 posted by nanuq

    Nothing personal, but you have a bit to learn about the upper echelons of the military.

  6. @ #5 posted by GRUBEN

    Not many bands/rockers come out of the Army but
    you left out one particularly crucial one:
    Pfc James M. Hendrix of the 101st Airborne Division,

  7. Antinous, I thought you liked em hirsute – I’m pretty sure the big girly one shaves his arms, legs and chest.

  8. Not the American military, but James Blunt was an officer in the Household Cavalry — the unit you sometimes see riding around the vicinity of the royal family wearing armor, high boots and plumed helmets. Not his current look at all.

  9. Being in the band is one of the most difficult jobs to get in the military. I imagine that when these guys get out, if they do, they end up with pretty good careers as studio musicians. As for known musicians that came out of the military, take a look this former marine.

  10. I guess I missed the part where you pointed out the article was on playboy dot com. It took me halfway through the list for me to realize I went to playboy just to read an article.

    Usually bands with the same playlists as these guys are filled with old dudes and play at summer festivals in planned communities. It’s nice to see our boys doing something fun, though.

  11. Anonymous @ 13

    I sing in a choir with an ex-Navy trombone player. The guy’s fantastic. He no longer plays professionally, but he does have the skills to be a good studio or big-band musician. Most of the people on Playboy’s list probably aren’t destined for big-band jazz, but I bet they’d be credible professional musicians too.

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