Hosiery with veins

Veinstockings These stockings printed with veins and arteries are 41,00€ from UpFactory.
Collants/Bas veines et artères (Thanks, Tara McGinley!)


  1. My only problem with these is that they aren’t accurate. What a missed opportunity.

  2. That would be “41.00 €” in English-speaking places. Otherwise those are very expensive stockings.

  3. Those are beautiful hose. Now all we need is the Frida Kahlo nylon bodysuit with trolly tracks up the torso…

  4. Pffft. . . just wait until you’re older, ladies. . . they’ll look like that all the time, with hosiery or without.

  5. Or wear one on your head to look like the H-bomb worshipers from “Beneath the Planet of the Apes.”

  6. Reminds me of when my goth friends took anatomy and went to town on on their arms and legs with red and blue eyeliner pencils.

  7. Definitely NOT anonymous, but don’t understand how to sign in!

    American comedienne Joan Rivers used to say that she wanted tattoos on her legs to match her varicose veins. Now I understand what she means. I think I could pattern a FABULOUS Chinese dragon from hips to ankles!

    My aunt Lillian used to call her legs THE ROADMAPS. Red lines were superhighways, blue lines just orginary byways.

    Don’t worry, youngsters. As long as they don’t hurt, you’ll be fine. Today is my 70th birthday, and if varicose veins ever come back into style, I’m there.

    In fun,

    Ellen Kimball
    Portland, OR

  8. problem is, this means you have to put them on without twisting them…damn near impossible for many of us!

  9. has anybody found a way to get these shipped to the us?

    (this is a perfect gift for a certain fashionista gf)

  10. Interesting idea, but paying good money for something that I can do already just by putting on a pair of shorts doesn’t appeal.

    And theirs aren’t even 3D like mine are…

  11. How lucky I am that the internet has proven Rule 34 beyond a reasonable doubt and this sort of thing fails to surprise me any more, and by “lucky” I mean “irreparably scarred”.

  12. What next?
    perhaps a cellulite body suit replete with veins,sags ,folds and questionable appendages plus a matching godzilla head……Cool Stage wear! for female goth rockers

  13. Those aren’t stockings; they’re pantyhose.

    Stockings are single leg coverings supplied in pairs. They’re healthier, classier, and sexier.

  14. So I guess I’m the only one who thinks this is kind of hot, in a twisted way? Or the only one who will admit it.

    Bones would be much better, of course. :)

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