Sarah's Smash Shack: rental rooms you can smash crockery in

Sarah's Smash Shack in San Diego rents out soundproof rooms full of thrift-store crockery for you to smash. They supply sharpies so you can write the names of the things you're smashing in effigy on the plates first, and the rooms have loud speakers you can play your angry music through.

Sarah's Smash Shack


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    Oh, I just do that at home.


    But I listen to nice soothing Hawaiian music. And Bette Midler singing Rolling Stones. And Elvis, from space. And Don Ho and his daughter, the little Ho.

    And you can too!

  2. I see a franchise in the future. Jim Rose used to do something similar with appliances, the Crush Cage.

  3. Anybody who feels the need to wear full face protection during their fit of rage is a coward.

  4. They were doing this in Japan a LONG time ago, but this one looks a lot more lawsuit proof. The one in japan they furnish a room with thrift store stuff and you just walk in there and trash it.

  5. worth setting up just to divert the collectible art glass and fine china that comes through the thrift stores.

  6. The “palace of breaking” was a trope going back to Gianni Rodari’s Gelsomino in the Country of Liars, published back in 1958. I always hoped someone would go ahead and build one. This is really cool.

    Incidentally, Cory, I highly recommend that as a kids’ book. Around the 6-8 age range

  7. Well anyone can do this at my house, as long as you pick up the mess afterward. My house is a Free-Smashing Zone, enter at own risk. I’m the only one who is allowed to use the chainsaw though.

  8. At my primary school (age 5-11), the school f̻tes had something similar Рcrockery crash. People just donated their old stuff and you got to throw balls at it. Great fun!

  9. Exactly what people were thinking when they took the time to drop of their old stuff at good will.

  10. Imported from Japan

    Smashing plates while listening to bouzouki music has been the Greek national pastime (albeit mostly illegal) for decades.

  11. The pricing’s not bad, actually, 12 dollars for 10 plates? Seems like a decent deal for a kid trying to move into an apartment…

  12. It’s all fun and games until a razor sharp piece of ceramic bounces back and hits someone in their carotid artery.

    Reminds me of the time I dropped a plate and a shard the size of a dorito stuck in the top of my foot. It was stuck in a vein so when I pulled it out, blood poured out. Good times.

  13. Ooh – that reminds me (blood) – I was working on an ambulance yesterday (24 hour shift 7am-7am) at about 4 this morning we made the scene of a dude shot 2-3 times w a .357 magnum. He was trying to break into someone’s house and the owner shot him. He was DRT (dead right there). We make quite a few of these in Memphis, TN as you can imagine. All we could do was hook him up to our monitor and record asystole in 3 leads and pronounce him dead.

  14. Wow, Tom, your luck stinks. That’s terrible.

    And if I’m not mistaken you have a brontomaniac in the house too. Scary.

    1. I have the same problem. If anything breaks within ten feet of me, I end up in the ER.

  15. If I understand correctly what a *brontomaniac is – we have 2, maybe 3 in the house. The brontomaniac in question also cut the end of 2 fingers off while playing w a knife last Nov. They healed back w only a teeny bit of nail deformity. A few months ago, he was shooting sharpened steel wire using a balloon and a cardboard tube and shot the wire through the same 2 fingers. He was fine though – only lost maybe 20 cc of blood. Hell, he’s 19 and thinks he’s invincible. You’ve probably seen the videos of other things he’s done w fire.

    At least he didn’t fall 30′ to a gym floor and break his femur arm and jaw like I did when I was a teen.

    *I’m guessing a brontomaniac is someone that does a lot of dangerous things.

  16. I was using it to mean someone who loves explosions. “Thunder-crazy” is how I’d gloss it.

  17. Need high speed camera branch of the company. Sell high quality art books. Theme’s available to order. I sure hope they have a gift shop. For the kids, they love their postcards.

  18. When I was a teenage my boyfriend worked at a Skeet Shooting range and when we would sit in the little underground room from which he launched the clay pigeons I would write the names of girls who flirted with him on the pigeons in black sharpie before loading them into the launcher. He thought that was funny.

  19. @#33:

    We also smash thrift store crockery on a regular basis in the name of mosaics.

    I’m not sure why one would have to leave home to do this.

  20. Strange. I like smashing things. I like face masks and coveralls.

    But something about this fills me with revulsion. I keep thinking of the movie Hostel.

    It must be because they’re paying to do it. And someone is, presumably, making a profit from it.

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