Mapumental: visualise any neighbourhood in the UK by transit times, house prices and "scenicness"

Tom Steinberg from MySociety sez, "We've just launched Mapumental, which is an a realtime version of our lovely transport journey time maps which BB has covered before. As well as being realtime generated, they include house price and 'scenicness' data, generated by the web game ScenicOrNot. Beta's private at the moment but we're handing out invites in exchange for declarations of love."

I got to play with this last week and my jaw dropped -- what an amazing way to visualize your home and the regions around it!

Say hello to Mapumental (Thanks, Tom!)


  1. That’s very, very cool! I wish they had cycling times for their travel maps though.

  2. It’s all very clever, down to the ScenicOrNot game. Looking forward to some mashups with the major real estate websites. Thanks!

  3. “you don’t say! You’re from where? I’ve been there. Tell me all about yourself.” – overheard at the coffee shop

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