CryptoZoo: new game from Institute for the Future

CryptoZoo is a new real-world game launched by my Institute for the Future colleagues, in partnership with the American Heart Association. There are games scheduled in San Francisco and New York City this weekend and next weekend, but you can play anywhere, anytime. Game designer Jane McGonigal says, "There’s an after-dark night chase and a daytime chase in both cities.. Night-time is a bit more adventurous, daytime more playful and family friendly." From the game description:
Cryptohandddd It's a secret world of strange, fast-moving creatures...

Your city is full of strange creatures, hiding in plain sight. But to catch a glimpse of them, you have to keep up...

Learn how to run with the most mysterious species on the planet: bounce like springboras, slalom like whip zananas, crouch-run like ninja rabbits, spin like swingdogs, jump like tiptrees, and swing like the summit monkeys.

You've never moved like this before. And once you've run with the cryptids, you'll never move the same way again.


  1. Shhhh! If they think you have seen them they’ll hide again.

    Looks like fun. Sadly, looks like “Wish I was 20 or 30 years younger” fun.

    I think I like Summit Monkeys, but Batzee and Wobble Lope could be neat. I think I rather watch a Mega Flumen than be in one…

  2. Do the people who take part in these kinds of activities have jobs? work for a living? How do they find the time to do these silly, non-sensical bits of whimsy?

  3. #3, these events are mostly taking place on the weekend. Sure, some people work weekends, but a lot of people don’t.

  4. Really wish I could make it. I’ve done a similar event (Journey to the End of the Night, also designed by McGonigal) and it was a hell of a lot of fun. And Mojave–are you really that busy that you’ve never spent a few hours having fun?

  5. Why do the folks in SF and NY get all the fun? Wish I could participate in what seems like a fantastic experience. #5: I think JTTEOTN was designed by the Playtime Antiboredom Society (, who also made SFZero.

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