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Is that Champ, the mysterious cryptid that supposedly roams Lake Champlain? The image above is a video still from new phonecam footage said to have been taken near Oakledge Park in Burlington, Vermont. BB pal Loren Coleman is all over the story at Cryptomundo. "Media and Others Take Closer Look At 'Champ Video'"


  1. The Yankees ought’a sign the guy that threw the stick Fido is swimming after.
    The real Champie’s got a mouth like an alligator, fangs like a viper, beady, glowing red eyes, scales like razor blades,
    oh, and he shoots bees out of his mouth.

  2. Is that Champ, the mysterious cryptid that supposedly roams Lake Champlain?

    No. It is a fake. There are no cryptids. Loch Ness is full of decaying peat and there isn’t enough oxygen to support a catfish below a depth of about a meter. Bigfoot would have been devoured or skinned for trophies by the Natives during the Stone Age, or at least he’d show up on infrared satellite scans.

    Looks like a Labrador with a frisbee in his mouth to me, although it might be a German Shepherd.

  3. It’s hard to be sure, but to me it looks a bit too small to be a sea monster worth mentioning.

  4. It could be a previously unknown sea monster or a dog. Occam’s razor suggests the answer.

  5. Me, I see a buoy.

    Why are all these pictures always sooooo fuzzy?

    Y’know, the sun’s setting in the background, just to the right of the right edge. So the buoy’s side that is facing the obviously-not-a-photographer, is in the shadow.

  6. It’s obviously an 16-foot long dog with a tail that it propels itself with!

    There is a video link btw. Much more interesting that the armchair skeptics responding.

  7. I guess boingboing is going to continue it’s assault on science and reason for the sake of a tabloid headline.
    Maybe the earth really is only 6,000 years old, who knows?

  8. No, that’s Eustace, the mysterious cryptid that does roam Lake Champlain and is pissed that Champ gets all the press, seeing as how that lazy sack of crap hardly ever gets his ass out of the lake muck to put in an honest day’s work, I mean do you know how hard it is to pick out the people on shore with cheap cameras? That’s skill, that is. Last August Champ showed up thirty feet away from a guy with a Nikon D700 in broad daylight and Eustace had to practically beach himself to devour the guy and his camera. Great, Champ. Just great.


  9. A sea monster that inefficient at swimming certainly wouldn’t have existed to the modern day. Of course, there are far more cogent arguments than that as to why this isn’t a sea monster.

  10. #12 posted by aldasin

    I guess boingboing is going to continue it’s assault on science and reason for the sake of a tabloid headline.

    Your sense of whimsy is starting to smell. You should compost it or something.

    Also, set that poor apostrophe free! It’s needed elsewhere.

  11. It looks too long to be a dog. Notice how, behind the head area, you can see some more mass breaking the water from time to time?

    It could be an old log bobbing in the water, and the “head” might be the stump of a limb or a root. I say that because of how close to the shore it got without rising.

    Whatever the case, I notice “Champ” is neither a very fast swimmer, nor did he seem interested in turning his head to look at the cameraman or anything else. That stiff kind of slow motion suggests driftwood to me.

    But you never know.

  12. Cheesy cellphone video camera. Check.
    Bad lighting. Check.
    No objects of know size in foreground for scale. Check.
    Persistent myth about weird ‘Lake Monster’. Check.
    Post video on Youtube and disable embedding. Check.
    Rubes duped by latest hoax video. FTW!

  13. Also why would a lake monster be swimming towards shore and why the footage mysteriously end right before dog, errr wait I mean lake monster gets out of the water.

  14. After watching the video I can’t say it’s a dog. Hoax maybe, but not any dog I’ve ever seen.

  15. How about we put our minds together all collaborative-group-productivity-over-the-web like, and vote for Cory to go get a snorkel, a wetsuit, and a dart pistol full of weakened measles virus, and get his butt out there and vaccinate the hell out of that thing.

    Just to be on the safe side.


  16. I live in Burlington. I’m pretty sure nobody here actually believes in Champ. The lake is, uh, not exactly secluded, and if there was a large sea monster living in it, we would know.

    This video is obviously a large dog or something and Loren Coleman is making a fool of himself.

  17. No wetsuit. He can have a scuba rig, but he goes in in his boxers. It broadens the media attraction. He’ll be armed with Milkbones.

  18. I steadied the footage for my own curiosity using the stabilization function in After Effects. I also used the AE ‘time echo’ effect to perform the running average I describe in comment #1 above.

    If the original author wants me to give it to him to post, I will.

    If he wants to give me the best, least compressed source video I’ll repeat the process.

    I was unable to steady the creature itself, but I was able to nail a point on the horizon. It’s quite steady; you get as good a look at whatever it is as you are probably going to get, but it remains an unknown silhouette.

  19. A dog? Seriously? How on earth are you folks seeing a dog!?!? Look at the neck…..look at the mass of body that trails out after the neck…


  20. I was at a book signing event on the lake last night for a new book on the history of the lake (400th anniversary of Samuel Champlain showing up), and the panel addressed this: “It’s a Moose”

  21. Seriously– everybody here saying “dog” must be only looking at the still photo and not watching the video. I’m not saying it’s a “sea-monster”, but it ain’t no dog. The community on cryptomundo is leaning towards moose, but even that theory has some holes in it.

  22. Much like Bigfoot, it seems this monster actually IS blurry. And that is truly terrifying. There’s huge, out of focus monsters awkwardly swimming in our lakes!

  23. IWOOD@#13 raises an interesting point that shows why this is a hoax. He refers to a video of Champ made “in broad daylight.” The behavior of these species would have to be consistent. Either they are diurnal feeders or crepuscular feeders like tho one in this video. They cannot be both because they would haved evolved into one niche or the other but not both.

  24. Not a dog, maybe a deer or moose. At the 1:10 mark on the YouTube video you can see the head turning and briefly see two pointed ears… I think.

  25. Yeah, cow moose is my guess; that’s about how much of the body shows when they’re swimming.

  26. I guess boingboing is going to continue it’s assault on science and reason for the sake of a tabloid headline.

    Yep. And you can tell by how enthusiastically David was promoting the idea that this was actually a sea monster, can’t you?

    And please, if you get a chance, let the fundies know that BoingBoing is against science and reason, because we don’t seem to get enough of them questioning why BB is continuing it’s assault on snake-oil* and religion*.

    *Not necessarily related, but I did just put them in the same sentence.

  27. Moose. Which was then grabbed and pulled under by the real “Champ” and never made it to the far shore…

  28. With all the groovy homebrew CGI stuff that gets posted here and elsewhere, is anyone–anyone at all–really convinced by less than two minutes’ worth of choppy footage from “mookiebone”? Your kid cousin can come up with better than this on her MacBook and throw in a green Orion alien woman riding on its back. DNA samples or it didn’t happen.

  29. One guy on cryptomundo posed and interesting idea (whether it’s true or not), that this and other supposed lake monsters are actually a species of large slug, which would at least partially explain away how something this large could live in cold lakes with little food, as they would be bottom feeders and wouldn’t need to surface for air (and might even live under the soil most of the time).

    I thought it was a moose at first too, but it appears longer than any moose I’ve ever seen, and leaves a very strange looking wake the whole time, as if there were some kind of paddle behind it disturbing the surface of the water.

  30. Whatever that thing is, it’s a very poor swimmer. I’m going to go with log or invert canoe with a few kooky kids pushing it along by dog-paddling.

  31. hmmph, all I know is if were a teenager living next to a lake, I’d make a monster to remember. There’s so much better gear available now too. R/C, decent batteries, compressed gases, cheap fittings… we should have a design contest.

  32. It’s obviously a male Champ, floating on his back, with his naughty bits breaking the surface.

  33. Sorry folks, but when an animal swims, it’s back does not come above the surface of the water like that (unless wearing a PFD). It does have the profile of a moose looking away from the camera, but of the 50 or so moose I have seen fairly close in the wild, this one is missing something; big vertical ears!

  34. I contend this may actually show a floating, partially submerged tree. Coleman even provides a “stabilized” version of the video which supports my suggestion — the object is not moving as quickly as the initial video would suggest and doesn’t appear to move up and down as much. It appears as if much of the “movement” of the object is an artifact of the videographer moving their perspective. The quality of the video is terrible and, even if it did show an animal of some kind — still proves nothing. Disagree? I recommend you do some research on the scientific method.

    My take on all of this:

    The New Champ Video

    Champ Video Makes it to “Real” Media

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