Monster head kiddie car


Anyone know who built this superb monster head kiddie car? I want to have them write a how-to for MAKE!

Pesco adds: "Bill Robbins of Elmer Presslee Industries created this monstrously cool Basil Wolverton-inspired kiddy car. Wowza!"


  1. I keep thinking of the lyric “get out of my head…. get into my car”


    somebody needs to make a road legal full size version of this.. maybe out of an chopped Fiat 500.

  2. If I were a little kid I would be TERRIFIED of this.

    Even now, I would approach it with some hesitation.

  3. Yes, it would be indeed cool to see this thing rolling around the San Mateo fairground next year.

    The kids in this photograph appear to be having more fun than in my whole childhood.

  4. I think as a kid I would have been super happy to have this…but terrified to sleep with it in the same room.

  5. looks like a madball on wheels and I think it was made by the most brilliant person on earth.

  6. The kid looks so happy in it that it is hard to feel terrified by its blatant scariness. It is the single most adorably grotesque thing I’ve seen today.

  7. Yeah, as people have mentioned, this is a super talented artist out of SLC. I saw this car in a show he had recently, I couldn’t figure out what the material was, feels like plaster to the touch. Not sure it’s a DIY-able project, no harm in trying tho right!

    I believe there’s a functioning go-cart under there:) Where’s the adult sized one!

    THX for posting great art BB.

  8. The adult version looks like a large, dark hairy spider. It makes creepy growling sounds, and can shoot strings of green sticky goo from its head, that pivots back and forth. Now imagine driving it thru a shopping mall. What a video! Now suppose you had three or four. Panic in the streets!

  9. He says it’s polymer clay, tons of it, cured with a heat gun, laid over a fiberglass car, though I’d suspect it’s actually a rotation molded polypropylene thing like the Little Tikes cars.

    There are some making of comments scattered around his flickr photoset.

  10. that’s the kind of parent i want to be!.. and the kind of car i wish i had when i was a kid… goddam stoopid go-cart.

  11. Speaking as someone who spent most of his 20’s in a spray booth this thing looks TOXIC. What is the kid absorbing thru his skin? Do vapors waft off it? I will admit it is very pretty!

  12. I dont know who posted this but thank you very much, and thanks to everyone who left comments. BTW its not toxic when its cured. When Media Play closed i scored this great little car/shopping cart for 50$ the only part of the car that is visible is the ring on the top and bottom, the rest i made out of western wire mesh ( home depot), left over stryofoam/spray insulation foam, fiberglass/resin ,sculpty,fabric,batting,and a clear plastic doam slaveged from a local fabricating firm’s scrap bin. the eye does light up green.the little girl me and my wife made together, by far the best thing i ever made, and took me almost no time at all. I would be happy to write something for make, please let me know, also on the 12 of june I will be part of a fantastic group show,and im priviledged to have a space for an installation at the Strychnin gallery Berlin Germany , Boxhagenerstrasse 36. so if your in Berlin please come by for a slew of amazing artists



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