This is what it sounds like when apes laugh

Wanna hear primates laugh? It's infection, I guarantee it! Audio samples within.
Primatologist and psychologist Marina Davila Ross of the U.K.'s University of Portsmouth led a team that tickled the necks, feet, palms, and armpits of infant and juvenile apes as well as human babies. The team recorded more than 800 of the resulting giggles and guffaws.
Apes Laugh, Tickle Study Finds (Thanks, Marilyn!)


  1. That was lovely. Nothing like the sound of laughter to make you smile.

    I’d love to have that job: Ape Tickler.

  2. It’s previously been argued that chimps chuckle, but their method —”laughing” on both the exhale and inhale— had been deemed too different from the human, exhale-only laugh.

    it’s obviously different from human laughter, but it does kinda sounds like when you snort while chuckling.

  3. I accidently let slip a little snort while laughing at something stupid yesterday and Wolfie stops in his tracks, “You’re a pig, mom?” Hey, its better than this one times I was stepping into the tub and he says, “You’re a hippo, mom?” What are you gonna do? Laugh! HAHA!

  4. These clips are great! You know when some one says, “it’s a hoot, I guarantee it”? Well, I was sceptical. But the second that bonobo played, I lol’d for real, in that same way you do when someone else is dying of the giggles.. Brilliant! :)

  5. aha..ahahhaha HAHAHAHAH!…..(snurk, wipe) yesss,
    something like a military academy for toddlers, only crueler.

  6. I want to know why the researchers got funding from for this project. I can just imagine the grant application…

  7. Oh. Wait.

    I’m going to very quickly say that the joke about the Christain Brothers was not at all about their most recent scandels (which, frankly, aren’t very funny) but was about them running very harsh schools that weren’t nice places to be. Just that. Because they weren’t.

  8. Damn. I spelt Christian wrong again (and I’m not going to tell you how many typos I corrected in this comment).

  9. Makes you wonder just what the monkeys are ‘saying’ in those recordings you can activate near the cages.. and what do the live monkeys think one of their siblings is up to just out of view?

  10. Have you ever laughed so hard you just doubled over, unable to speak, or function, or even breathe? Sure you have. What a bazaar nervous convulsion! What is that about? What other animal goes into convulsions of joy?
    It’s fun tho. We love it. Frickin’ bazaar creatures. No wonder the apes are laughing.

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