TOSBack: EFF's real-time tracker for changes in terms of service on popular Internet sites


5 Responses to “TOSBack: EFF's real-time tracker for changes in terms of service on popular Internet sites”

  1. Pete Hoffman says:

    Well crap.

    And I had just picked the name BritneySpearsBatmanPope for my WoW avatar…guess it’s back to the drawing board for me, since all of those are explicitly disallowed…jerks.

  2. jeremynyc says:

    OK, so a quick check of the Facebook and YouTube changes in TOS that they point out makes it clear that a simple automated tool of this is going to be useless–the first has a change to a snail mail address and the second has a change to the date of publication. Nothing else in either has changed.

    This is a *great* idea, but it needs a little work on the data vs. information side of things.

  3. bardfinn says:

    “which ones are enforceable” would be legal advice, and I recall some manner of court case in the US regarding automated computer-analytics generating “legal advice”. I recall it was not something the court in question viewed sympathetically.

    (But, yeah – if it didn’t involve getting swiped for providing legal advice w/o a license, or getting billed for a lawyer’s time and trouble, such an analysis would be very intelleshtingk.)

  4. EH says:

    I so had this idea 10 years ago, back when eBay had one of the first TOS shitfits.

  5. dumbwhore says:

    I sure wish they were monitoring netflix. Recently netflix has become increasingly insistent that I agree with their new TOS. Yet they don’t want to explain what they changed, just have me read the 30 page agreement.

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