Cat Workout

Cat Workout. You may want to begin with low-impact moves like Twists or Bench Press. Then, work up to a Keyboard Cat Variant. When you're done, be sure to hydrate, Twitter, and do cool-down stretches. (thanks, Sean and Tara!)


  1. These people are clearly idiots with too much time on their hands. Can we please get back to the good old days when you had to have some kind of talent or skill to put videos online?

  2. I was laughing at comment #2 and thinking “oh boy, here come the haters” and then I noticed who commenter #2 was…and I laughed even more.

  3. Does that hipster doo doo head have a banana in his speedos?



  4. And now watch the poor cat puke!!!!

    Get some real weights and leave the kitty on the ground.

    Poor thing!!!!


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  5. I have one cat that wouldn’t care if he was so treated. I have another cat that refuses to be held, let alone manhandled. And, since she has cerebellar hypoplasia, she doesn’t have great motor control, so her response to stress is to flail about with claws exposed.

    Suffice to say, you would come off the worse in that exchange.

    But, this makes me want to post a different cat workout video, wherein one gets a more full body workout.

    Position 1) stand with a cat near you. The heavier the cat, the better your workout. Please be aware that cats have a suggested natural weight, and attempting to fatten a cat up will severely shorten the lifespan of your exercise equipment.

    Position 2) stoop over the cat, with your hands extended towards the cat. The lower the bend, the better the workout.

    Position 3) Close your hands around the cat, and return to a standing position with your arms extended outwards. Basically, keep your shoulders locked and stand up straight.

    Position 4) Bring the cat close to your body.

    Position 5) Snuggle the cat.

    Position 6) Extend the cat back out, returning to the end of position 3.

    Position 7) Bend at the waist until the cat is back to the ground. Release the cat.

    Repeat until you feel the burn.

  6. You need a cat with some heft for a proper workout. I use Bob the Cat, who is a calico dirigible. She is also mellow enough to leave my trachea in place.

  7. I do this with my cat all the time. He actually loves it. He starts purring and runs back over when I put him down.

  8. #5 We started doing this with Lucky Cat b/c she would get in the way when were working out. She really doesn’t mind if we don’t do it for too long.

    #6 That is a great idea! Send us the link when you video it!

    #7 Check out our Power Lifting episode with Godzuki who is 25 pounds!

    #8 Proof!!

  9. My cat always seems to want to lay on my yoda mat & look up at me when I’m doing downward facing dog. Maybe he’s offended.

  10. Disreagrding the lameness of the video, I hate to think of idiots abusing cats for a joke.

  11. I’ve been bench pressing my twins since it’s been safe (pretty much once they could support their heads themselves). They think it’s great fun and it’s a good way to practice counting, too. Now that they’re almost thirty pounds, I can’t do as many reps, but my arms have certainly gotten stronger over the past three years.

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