Monkeylectric's "Full Color Persistence of Vision" Bike Wheel Video Display


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  1. Brainspore says:

    Pretty neat, but I’m not going to buy one until they make it easy to display my own graphics on the thing.

  2. apoxia says:

    #6 MrScience

    Thanks, I’ll have a look and see if I can locate the light sensor :)

  3. overunger says:

    Yayyyy!!! Finally some future funk in our lives! Jeezus, now how long do we have to wait for 3D holography?

  4. Anonymous says:

    how long til hardcore porn?

  5. The Thompson Five says:

    That is so full of awesome, but I’m crossing fingers for ladyada to make an updated kit.

  6. aeschenkarnos says:

    I’m tempted to get a bike just to have these. Rather than abstract patterns, how about glowing creatures running along in the wheels?

  7. Anonymous says:

    That. Is. Awesome.

  8. Aloisius says:

    Ooooo. Increase the number of pixels, add a hard drive and some speakers and I can spam the neighborhood with advertisements…. er… I mean play Boing Boing Videos.

  9. noen says:

    From their FAQ

    Can I create & download my own patterns from my computer?

    No. The Monkey Light graphics synthesizer is very configurable using the on-board control buttons, but it does not support downloading text or bitmap graphics from a computer.

    If you are interested in a Do-It-Yourself project, we recommend the SpokePOV Kit from Adafruit. It is a kit project requiring you to solder all the electronics together yourself, when completed it allows you to download your own bitmap graphics and display them on your bike wheel. SpokePOV currently only supports single-color graphics, and does not have a graphics synthesizer – it only supports downloaded bitmap graphics.

    Kind of confusing since in the video it looks like they can download graphics to it. Maybe the FAQ is old?

  10. apoxia says:

    I absolutely love these things. I have one LED on each of my bike tyres screwed onto the air valve. They only activate when it’s dark, but it appears that street lights and car headlights prevent this from happening. Thus they only light up when I turn into my driveway – not exactly why I bought them – sigh.

  11. morganw says:

    “it does not support downloading text or bitmap graphics from a computer”

    That’s about the old/normal monkey light for seventy bucks. “The Video Pro is built custom to order, pricing starts around $2,000 per system. Contact us to discuss your application.”

    It would be nice if there was something in-between. Wireless is nice to synchronize animation between two wheels, but overkill for someone who just wants full color SpokePOV.

  12. Kieran O'Neill says:

    Yeah, the video system also has much higher resolution than the consumer one (256 LEDs vs 32). I would guess it would be possible to build one for under $100, but it would take a bit of work to get right (balancing, waterproofing, etc)

  13. Anonymous says:

    Star must be quite a catch -the ‘bail me out of terrorist prison’ part aside :(

    I’m glad to see shes still geeking out with LED’s. Does the LED industry have have a lobbying coalition like the Pork Board? They should sponsor this lady.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Hmm, they did that 3 years ago for cars…

  15. Anonymous says:

    Do they sell Tron costumes too?

  16. MrScience says:

    Apoxia: Have you tried covering up the sensors with a spot of electrician’s tape? Then, turn them off when you get to your destination.

  17. webmonkees says:

    they are up to more things. Somehow I know.

    Okay, I emailed them. No details, sorry.

    Monkey trifecta!

  18. InsertFingerHere says:

    I was walking down the street, minding my own business.

    Then you rode by on that bike, I saw the wheels and I

    Jizzed In My Pants …..

  19. monkeylectric says:

    @12 those car ones are NOT doing video.

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