Odd photo of the week


As Radley Balko says, there's got to be great story behind this photo.

UPDATE: Steven Leckart says It's a sculpture called "Ancient Echo"!

Man comforts young, semi-clothed, vomiting orangutan


  1. “C’mon man, we’ve got to clean you up. You have to be at the church in like three hours.”

  2. Somebody needs to keep Chaka away from the beer bong…

    Trying to come up with a reason for an orangutan to be dressed in a T-shirt, leaning on the wall like a frat boy after an all-night bender, puking his guts out, and failing entirely.

  3. Hey! don’t go ape on me,I told ya NOT to monkey around with the script.Only poor reople plagiarize

  4. It’s a sculpture of a chimpanzee by Tony Matelli. I don’t know who the plumber butt dude is.

  5. #14 Hokano-fake puke-good old days.That reminds me of a short story by the late and long lamented Steve Allen.He tells of going to an up-scale bistro in N.Y.He orders a specific take-out entree.Goes outside,cleans a section of the sidewalk,dumps the meal on ground and then on his knees proceeds to scoff the chicken ala king he had purchased.Apparently several passers-by were prompted by nature,to barf in sympathy.Nd they say
    that New Yorkers are cynical.

  6. multiple sources report slurs along the lines of “get your stinking paws off me you damn hairless ape”, apparently you must read it in your head like sylvester stallone to get the full effect.

  7. There’s a perfectly good explanation.
    I was just a kid. It was my first time drinking.
    I was upset about losing my pants, because they were my new school pants and Mom is gonna be so mad…

  8. Plummer: Ah come on dude, You’re not the first primate to lose one’s mate to Tarzan. The guy is an ape magnet!

  9. “Oh yeah, this monkey will definitely divert attention from my giant ass crack.”

  10. these comments are sooooooooooooooooooooooooo hilarious, each one is funnier than the last, example “Who gave the Orangutan a drinking license?”. classic.

  11. Sculpture, schmulpture. I hope the ham sandwich with the messenger bag realizes his jeans are sad and we don’t need to see his buns.

  12. And here I thought it was a cast candid from “Land of the Lost”…If I was in that movie, I’d be throwing up too.

  13. That is no sculpture, that is me last Thursday. Special thanks to my buddy helping me out there, Asscrack McGee.

  14. Wow, that sculpture really forces the audience to confront the power structures inherent in…uh…ape vomit?

  15. The sculpture is cute, interesting. But the photograph with butt crack included is art. Btw somehow this looks like a scene in an airport, one of those transitional places like the bridge in The Scream.

    Good God, Samaritan! (aka Lets All Get Some Pants).

  16. I know Stephen actually blogs for the site, but at least three people (#9 robbo-bobbo, #12 posted by zervouli, and #13, ahem, me) pointed out the sculpturitude of this particular primate before he did. (Well, actually I didn’t know it was a sculpture until I googled the artist’s name that zervouli provided. I just posted a link to another photo of the sculpture.) We wuz robbed, I tells ya!

  17. “What’s worse than finding a worm in your banana?…” (Finding HALF a worm!)

  18. No Octopussoup, he’s just sick of being asked what Will Ferrel is like in person…

  19. “I hear ya buddy, loneliness and banana daquiris make a dangerous combination, now. . . do you remember what you did with your pants?”

  20. Are you sure it’s not a different sculpture? The monkey and shirt are different in Ancient Echo. If it is, it’s probably still by the same dude, though.

  21. bahahahaha, number 62. actually, i was really dissapointed when i found out it wasn’t a baby werewolf… :-[

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