To do in LA tonight: "Computers in Popular Music," Johannes/monochrom at Machine Project

If you happen to be in Los Angeles tonight, and you are reading Boing Boing, you really should be at Johannes (of monochrom)'s talk over at Machine Project gallery about the image of computers in popular music. "I can count every star in the heavens above but I have no heart I can't fall in love..." Link to event description, starts around 8pm.

And if you can't make it, here is archived media of an earlier version of the talk presented in 2007.

Video Above: Computer No. 3, a weird song from 1968 by France Gall which Johannes will no doubt reference in his talk. You gotta watch this. Someone took the original performance recording from 1968 and remixed/dolled it up.


  1. damn. i would _really_ love to go to this one. but alas, i’m up here in No-Cal. i wonder if there’s a way to get a second machine project gallery up in the bay area. they consistently have EFFING AWESOME events / exhibits.

  2. France Gall is one of my favorite French girly singers from the ’60s. She still has a big career. Serge Gainsbourg wrote and produced songs for her, having this innocent sing dirty songs, and naive France was unaware how slutty they were.

    I have the original recording of this song, on a German-issued LP of France Gall singing in German. No one remixed it for the video above, and just plopped his name on top. I’ve always wondered whether France sung this song in French. Does anyone know?

  3. This is France Gall singing in German about the Computer Nr. 3 and no, it’s not a remix but the original song, in which she sings about a computer, that magically finds her big love. What’s really totally awesome is the text in that break, where she sings (I translated it for you):

    I was lonely for a long time, now I am in love. And it’s only because, technology and science and electronic brains exist.

    Yes, she sings about electronic brains. 1968. So awesome.

  4. Oh wow… someone offered me the LP mentioned above for 1€ but I refused, cause I thought that song was way off the hook! Srsly!

    It seems the Ninja Tune guys sometimes play this song!

  5. does anyone have, or know where i can get the complete song lyrics in English?

    thank you!

  6. …Pretty much re-confirms the already massive crush I have on France Gall, ca 1968.

  7. Some of my friends and relatives in LA attended this Machine Project gallery and they told me that it’s awesome! By the way, thanks for sharing the archived media of an earlier version. I get to learn everything about it even when I’m living far from LA :D

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