Hallmark's radiation-scarred ceramic Star Trek keepsake

Hallmark's delightful miniature "The Menagerie" is advertised as a way to "relive moments from Star Trek's beloved two-part episode featuring the radiation-scarred Captain Christopher Pike." This would be a great Thanksgiving centerpiece, or topper for your toilet-paper cozy.

"The Menagerie"


  1. There’s a video. You forget to mention the video.

    Yes, there’s dialog from the episode and Pike’s light works!

    Oh, what brave new world, that has such tschotkes in it!

  2. Bender: I’d only met the defendant, Fry, once, but I knew he was up to no good.
    Zap Brannigan: Use the beeps!


    Wow – it really doesn’t get much better than this, does it?

  4. “Dialog from the episode”…? So it goes “boop boop”?

    “Beloved” and “radiation-scarred” together make for a creepy sentence.

  5. It’d be a great hack to add a little RC unit underneath Pike, so he could wheel around. Another would be to add controls to the lights so Pike could ‘answer’ Yes/No questions like in the original episode.

  6. Does anyone else think Spock just buzzed in ahead of Kirk on some awesome episode of Family Fortunes?

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