Death Metal Cockatoo (Video)

I present to you the Death Metal Parrot (technically, a cockatoo). Related: Death Metal Dog. (Thanks, Dean Putney)


  1. I think the correct genre is avarian metal according to hatebeak. feather metal just sounds silly.

  2. 120 cat mosh pit

    there’s something magical about animal videos with death metal overdubs.

  3. My budgerigars (tiny parrots) seem to prefer The Smashing Pumpkins for their jam sessions, but they enjoyed singing along with this video.

  4. Bird hates noise,

    Bird attempts to dig noise out of earhole with talon,

    Bird freaks out in attempt to scare noise away.


  5. @12: My budgerigars (tiny parrots) seem to prefer The Smashing Pumpkins

    My metal-snob lorikeets sneer condescendingly at your budgies and sarcastically offer to pick them up in the minivan after the Good Charlotte concert.

  6. Here’s one that likes “shake your tailfeathers” by Ray Charles:

    Also, here is an interesting little article where some neuroscientists actually tested whether different animals can follow the rhythm of music, and they found that Only vocal mimics–primarily parrots, as well as one Asian elephant–could do so, the team discovered. (One elephant has been shown to imitate truck noises (ScienceNOW, 23 March 2005), a sign of vocal mimicry.) “It does seem that vocal mimicry and keeping a beat rely on the same neural mechanisms,” says Schachner.

  7. I’ll admit it, the metalhead in me was itchin’ to post a snarky “actually, that’s not death metal” comment if the music turned out to be Slayer or Emperor, but with Cannibal Corpse, there’s no correction required. Carry on.

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