Tiny Alien Terrorizes Pakistan

Why I am I always the last to hear about these things? (thanks, Richard Metzger).


  1. it was alive when they found it. . . they just happened to stone and burn it to death before the cameras arrived.

  2. That makes sense. The most significant scientific discovery in possibly all of human existance, and some kids stick it in a bottle and poke it until it dies.

    Also, it looks like a cheesy doll from the Dollar Store.

  3. I appreciate their CONVICTION and SINCERITY!

    Every single one of them is a liar. It’s astonishing. And funny. The newsreader doesn’t even call bullshit on it.

  4. The children who put it on hot bricks to burn its skin will likely grow up to be criminals. Early intervention is necessary.

  5. @7, Tak, youtube failage.

    ” This video is not available in your country due to copyright restrictions.”

    /I’m in the US, btw…

  6. It’s little, dark, ugly, & i bet it can’t fix anything. No wonder no one wants to eat it.

  7. #5

    i agree, it would only be worse if the children were chronic bed wetters… i believe that would finally stamp their ticket to serial killer town.

  8. This is obviously a fake. Everyone knows aliens only show up in rural America when no one else is around.

  9. In Malaysia, they’re called “toyol”. Not aliens from another planet. But more “weird creatures” along the lines of bigfoot. But really small. A couple of inches tall. Supposedly, they like to suck on the big toes of sleeping people. I don’t know why.

  10. Even though it’s burned up, I think it’s a Bratz doll. Appears to have to the same type of body and oversized head.

  11. Isn’t that headline backwards? Clearly the alien was terrorized (and subsequently lynched) by the Pakistanis.

    I demand a full investigation and swift intervention by the Zeta Reticuli Rapid Reaction Force. Stamp out specieism and Earth chauvinism now! Grey Power!

  12. Thanks for that link, I get sick of USA people posting USA only stuff, now I can return the favour.

  13. we’re not about to be abused and mistreated like this any longer. our tiny voices will be heard, and our ray guns will singe the ankles of any human who threatens our people. you thought cthulhu was terrifying? wait until you experience the wrath of tiny alien underlords!

  14. -Someone- is making money off of this… but I can’t yet figure out who it is.

    Follow The Money.

  15. Wow. This deserves a psychological investigation.

    I bet these people even believe what they’re saying. The ugly side of the human psyche.

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