Cracked and peeling photoshopping contest


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Unicorn chaser? I’d have nightmares but I just woke up. I guess I’ll have them later.

  2. aradiaardor says:

    Actually, I contacted Allan, the photographer.
    I also I alerted worth1000 that this image was used without permission. I am the model in this picture and it has already been resolved.

    Worth1000 was very prompt and swift. They actually resolved it within 24hours and the person who photoshopped the image acknowledge not obtaining permission to use the image.

  3. marco antonio says:

    Just wondering,how is this article tagged “Copyfight”? It seems to bear no interest to those looking for copyfighting material…

  4. Anonymous says:

    Unicorn chaserrrrrrrr

  5. Anonymous says:

    Ugh. Unicorn chaser plzkthx?

  6. Powerphail says:

    Oh my god… UNICORN CHASER please!

    I wasn’t expecting that :(

  7. nadyalev says:

    Hey, my friend/former housemate Allan took that picture! You can see the unadulterated version at

    Fun fact: Allan was supposed to do a portrait of Xeni for Coilhouse, but it didn’t work out due to bad timing.

  8. Fred H says:

    Unicorn chaser, goats living it up in a tower….ANYTHING!

  9. Ratdog says:

    Unicorn Chaser needed A.S.A.P

  10. Coupon Codes Heaven says:

    It’s definitely worth looking at but after a while it gets tiresome. And the most horrible for me is the elephant (or what’s left of it). Still, pieces of art even though not everyone will find them pleasant…

  11. Johnny Cat says:

    All good, but I gotta say. Liberty Bell ftw.

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