Charity auction for toon that remixes Star Wars, Muppets and health care

Barry sez,

This cartoon appeared in the April 2009 Dollars and Sense magazine (an actual economics magazine), written and penciled by Charles M. Schulz Award winning political cartoonist Barry Deutsch (that's me), and inked by illustrator and cartoonist Bill Mudron. The cartoon features characters from Star Wars (Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo, Darth Vader, Chewbacca, and the Emperor), drawn as muppets, arguing about how to pay for Luke's prosthetic hand. One panel also includes a tiny caricature of Christopher Eccleston as Dr. Who.

Since this cartoon is about paying for health care, I thought it would be neat to use it to help pay for someone's health care. Internet searching connected me with Connie Parrott, who is trying to raise money to pay for her type I diabetes equipment by asking people on the internet. After getting Connie's permission, I eventually drew the strip, with help from the awesome Bill Mudron, who unlike me can draw that goddamn weird-ass helmet Darth Vader wears.

Star Wars Muppet Health Care Mashup + Original Art Auction! (Thanks, Barry!)


  1. The final conclusion is no big surprise, as Anakin went to the dark side because they had a better health care plan.

    Seriously, isn’t that what it boiled down to? “Be evil.” “Why?” “Padme will die, but if you join us, we can save her.” “Okay.” “Go kill some kids.” “Okee-dokey!”

  2. Sorry, but as a registered Star Wars geek, I must point out that Han Solo was already frozen in carbonite by the time Luke got his hand cut off.

  3. Gparizot: They thawed Han early when it became clear his policy didn’t cover extended care procedures.

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