Dr Sketchy life drawing salon in LA on June 21


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  1. Manooshi says:

    Bummer about the date. Do none of you Sketchy LA peeps have parents? I think the last one was on Mother’s Day and now this one is on Father’s Day. Let me guess: most of Sketchy LA are non-native transplants with no family around. Not cool to us native Angelenos who still give a shit about honoring our parents, dudes. Yo, have fun. And hopefully this will be a regular monthly event?

  2. designerwhite says:

    I’ve been going to the Vancouver Sketchy’s group. It has been absolutely fantastic! Can’t recommend these events any more highly.

  3. bobself says:

    Thanks for the comment, MANOOSHI. I agree with you that the dates are a bit of a bummer, and I’m the guy who chose those dates! I’m an LA local with a mom and dad right here in town, so I made plans to honor my parents earlier in the day before donning my Dr. Sketchy’s ringleader hat. Anyway, this is the beginning of a regular event. Join us on the first and third Sunday of every month. The next one is going to be Sunday, July 5th. Details for future sessions will be at http://www.drsketchyla.com.

  4. Manooshi says:

    @BOBSELF: Thanks for your reply. I’m seriously gonna try and copy your strategy and see if I can plan to honor my dad earlier in the day…

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