Skateboarder trips, strips, and disturbs neighbors

Earlier this month, pro skateboarder Jereme Rogers apologized to his Redondo Beach neighbors after he "ate some `mushrooms' and bugged out." In the early morning hours, Rogers apparently stripped naked, climbed onto the roof of his Redondo Beach home, and had "fragmented, interrupted conversations with people that weren't there," police said. From the Daily Breeze:
"It obviously was not an everyday experience," the 24-year-old athlete said. "It was a very out-of-body experience. I've never had an experience like that..."

"It was obviously something I shouldn't have done," Rogers said as he rolled a marijuana joint in his bedroom. "It was just something that happened."
Skateboarder 'sorry' for naked rooftop incident (Thanks, Dave Gill!)


  1. “”It was obviously something I shouldn’t have done,” Rogers said as he rolled a marijuana joint in his bedroom. ”

    he’s either a hypocrite or insincere.

    He should have simply had a babysitter for his trip.

  2. This is really how most naked drug issues should be handled:

    -Guy takes drugs, freaks out a little, gets naked and gets on roof.

    -Guy’s neighbors get understandably upset.

    -Guy is embarrassed the next day, guy apologizes to neighbors and says he won’t do it again.

    -Neighbors occasionally remind guy of behavior at a bbq or other social event.

    If the problems with nudity or excessive drug use persist, then maybe involve the cops or, ideally some sort of mental health authority, to intervene and make sure the guy isn’t seriously fucking himself up. It’s so much better than getting tasered in the park.

  3. @1: its almost too obvious to mention, but smoking pot != eating so many mushrooms that you climb up on your roof and shout in the middle of the night.

  4. after reading the article it is clear this yet another argument for legal controls on religion.

  5. I wish this kind of thing happened in my neighborhood. It would liven things up a little bit.

  6. Mushrooms are not a toy. Occasionally fun, frequently important, but not a toy.

    Big Ed, sounds like an odd fetish.

  7. Mushrooms can make you do strange things. I took some and went on a bicycle ride with a friend. It had been a long time since I’d ridden a bike and I was not in the best of shape, but we rode and rode and rode without stopping, for several hours. When we later retraced our ‘trip’ in a car ( while not tripping ), it turned out we had gone about 82 miles.

  8. BOBA FETT DIOP @7: While I generally try to refrain from calling the cops on somebody who appears to be tripping, if that person has climbed on their roof naked, I would be very likely to call the cops out of concern for his safety.

    I personally wouldn’t want him to fall off and injure or kill himself, and know that I didn’t take the opportunity to call somebody who could’ve gotten him down or had a trampoline or something handy (do they actually use trampolines, or is that one of those “only in the movies” kind of things?).

  9. @ 14, anon: Haha, great story! There is something about tripping that makes you want to keep moving. Unless you’re too occupied staring at the patterns in everything.

  10. @#14

    I believe ya – one time in high school i was on LSD and i was running from the cops. now, i’m not a huge guy, and even less so then – tall but lanky – figure 140lbs and 5’11” at the time. anyways they were chasing me and i was peaking hard, and panicking, not paying attention to where i was riding. i made a turn that led to a dead end.

    without skipping a beat, i hopped off the bike, still moving, and ran along side it. i had one hand on the bars and the other on the seat. i hooked my hand under the seat, still running at full sprint, and threw the bike over the 6 foot wall. It cleared it by more than a foot. i was over the wall and on the bike and moving again almost instantly – the dead end had cost me perhaps 2 or 3 seconds.

    this from a guy who, at the time, couldn’t do 10 pullups.

    got away clean, too!

  11. for the record, i was running from the cops because they were trying to pinch me for being out at 2:30 am, way past curfew for kids.

  12. If you have good intentions, the best thing to do is not to call the cops.

    No kidding. In most cases, the cops are NOT going to “help” the tripper. He’ll be lucky if he doesn’t fall off the roof after being tased.

    The days of calling the cops for help have been over for some time.

  13. @22 was just thinking about that today. Was listening to an account of someone shot by a random assailant and it occurred to me; he’s better off slapping a bandage on the wound and going about his business. The old idea of reporting, cooperating, going to court etc. seems to usually result in a second assault by the “justice” system. To say nothing of the insult if there ever is a sentence.

    best to cultivate good neighbours that won’t call the cops if you happen to end up on your roof one day.

  14. Jeremy Rogers is a funny guy, insane skater too.

    First time I did mushrooms I started running from cops (I don’t know why… or if there even were cops, actually) and quickly found myself climbing a to the top of a very tall tree, where I had a very serious conversation with a spider bigger than I was (and I am a big person). Obi Wan Kanobi talked me out of the tree and took me back to my friends house…

    Second time I turned in to a giant piece of glass and then tried to jump off a building cause I was freaking out so terribly.

    …haven’t done any drugs since

  15. I live a few blocks from him. Our neighborhood is pretty tolerant. While i was not there, I’ll be all the money in my pockets against all the money in your pockets that the cops were called out of concern for him staying in a non-pancake form. — We’re pretty supportive of skaters out here in Redondo Beach, as we Beach’ers used to skate, and our kids skate, and we generally try to maintain the mellow.

  16. Immature, selfish little f**ck. I have had my fill of shitty neighbors over the years and this takes the cake.

  17. CPt Tim @ 1:

    At least from your comment it’s more clear cut what, exactly, it is that you are.

    Pot smoking somehow makes what he’s saying, or what he did, hypocritical? Please explain?

  18. Antinous #2: What is it about professional skaters? Is there some unwritten rule that you must look like a Sean Cody and / or a Falcon model?

    1. Is there some unwritten rule that you must look like a Sean Cody and / or a Falcon model?

      Casting ramp?

  19. “Pot smoking somehow makes what he’s saying, or what he did, hypocritical? Please explain?”

    saying he was wrong to take one schedule one substance while taking another. As if pot is okay, and mushrooms are not.

    his mistake was not to have someone to look out for him. Would he still be rolling the joint if he got really really high on pot and did something stupid too?

  20. Seeing a naked dude on a roof speaking with invisibles at midnight would give me pause. What if the fucker fell off the roof and broke his head open while I helped him down? I would instantly puke on his brains. Lobes and stomach acid- not good.

    Hell, I would also be concerned about him ripping his dick off and spilling a set of balls on the lawn.

    I’m fine with assisting the occasional drunk. Well, unless they’re a goddamn bodybuilder/football player. Had one of these fuckers pass out in the parking lot the other night and I swear three of us could hardly move his goddamned stoned carcass into the car. He was like a dead hippo screwed to the concrete.

    But this naked dude on a roof is one of those rare moments when a reasonable set of coppers can be useful. I would be very concerned about a serious accident occurring if I played good Samaritan.

  21. probably some pizza mushrooms sprinkled with gods knows what chemicals and sold as “magic”. Another problem with imbecile prohibition.

  22. I’d rather fall off the roof than have the police called on me for “help.”

    Also, the folks saying marijuana is comparable to shrooms may be tripping themselves. Pot does not make you trip (unless it is laced). Shrooms are intended to make you hallucinate. They are very different drugs

    I’ve not smoked pot for a long, long time. However, if I had a nasty shroom trip and ended up naked on my roof talking to legends from history, and if this was followed by some “friendly” assistance from the police, I can imagine no better hangover remedy than a fat joint and a tall vodka & anything.

  23. he got kicked off his clothing sponsor a couple days ago, now hes having a retirement party at some club. retiring from skateboarding. thinks he can rap now.

  24. I read this and thought “well we’ve all been there!”
    But upon reading the comments, aparently not.
    Apparently he s giving up skating(he has skills for a career as a rapper(eerm…)good luck with that.

  25. @34, “spilling a set of balls on the lawn.”

    That right there… That is a winning quote.

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