1964 Frederick's of Hollywood catalog

Flickr user What Makes The Pie Shops Tick? has posted a complete, high-rez) scan of the 1964 Frederick's of Hollywood catalog!

1964 Frederick's of Hollywood Catalog (Thanks, copyranter!)


  1. I remember my mom getting these books when I was in my early teens (she said she didn’t order them). Imagine a 13 year old with a Frederick’s of Hollywood, back then I was ALWAYS first to check the mail. I have lots of fond memories of those catalogs and me in my room with my door locked. Good times.

    1. Frederick’s sold some clothes for men up until a few years ago. It’s gotten much harder to find a reasonably priced, well made pirate shirt since they stopped.

  2. Soon as I’m a millionaire, I’ll marry bottom middle. Then trade her for bottom right.


  3. I had a friend (we’re talking early ’70s when she told me this story) whose older brother was in the Army during the Korean War, and soldiers would subscribe to the catalog because the Army wouldn’t allow subscriptions to what Lenny Bruce called “stroke books” – they wouldn’t deliver them to the solders.

  4. look in the vogue patterns,these styles are coming back,i thought u guys liked us all trussed up,just waing to be unwrapped.

  5. I really liked those Fredericks of Hollywood catalogs also. All those nighties, and wigs, everything to make a woman beautiful.

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