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5 Responses to “BB Video: Omega Recoil, Mad Electro-Makers Who Craft Giant Tesla coils”

  1. Roy Trumbull says:

    At the original Sutro Tower, a 500 ft stick owned by KGO, there were several FMs. KPIX was located in Sutro’s master bedroom in the mansion on the site. KGO was in the basement. The florescent lights at KPIX couldn’t be turned off. It was the downward radiation from the FM antennas. Many decades later it was learned that radiation could be greatly curtailed by going from 1 lambda spacing of antenna bays to 1/2 lambda spacing. That is now the standard in the industry. You don’t need a Tesla coil to light up florescents.

  2. joflow says:

    This looked like it was going to be really cool, but you guys have some serious editing problems. The video was all over the place, showed a bunch of little bits of what they were doing without any explanation, and you barely showed anything from the actual performance (you know, the part with all the electricity that we WANT to see). Too bad.

  3. failix says:

    I actually thought it was really well edited. Though I agree a little more electricity would’ve been cool.

  4. HDN says:

    As some who rigs heavy stuff all the time; someone tell these guys that at 2:35 they have they’re shackle load dangerously sideways. The loop end holds on end of the load, and the pin holds the other, not the load on both sides of the horseshoe, spreading it apart, relying on the strength of the threads. I hope they’re not lifting anything truly heavy like that.

  5. Anonymous says:

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