Coffin sofa

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Etsy seller VonErickson offers this coffin couch for $3500. It's available in purple, red, or black velvet. The lid closes too. Coffin Couch (Thanks, Patty Trujillo!)


  1. Just the thing you need if you have to deal with driving instructors from Johannesburg.

  2. So, when you die, can this convert back into a coffin thereby sparing your survivors the expense?

  3. Thank heavens for Habitat Sofa-coffins!

    The Young Ones caught a South African vampire in one of these. About 5:15 in…

  4. I think I’d be nervous about taking a nap on that thing for fear that somebody might stake me.

  5. While it looks very cool (and in purple! ♥), I require furniture that I sit on to be functionally loungable. That looks like it’d be comfortable for about two minutes. Maybe five if I had a sweatshirt on.

  6. This innovation will save a lot of trouble for your next of kin if you happen to die while watching T.V. in your living room.

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