Tibetan Exile Group Seeks Your Used Audio Recording Gear

A Tibetan exile group in Northern India (whose work I've reported on previously for Boing Boing, WIRED, and NPR) is seeking used voice recording gear for an upstart independent community radio station.

At left, a photo I shot of Phuntsok Dorjee with a fellow volunteer, setting up a wireless network relay point inside a tribal family's garage on the top of a mountain at the southern edge of the Himalayas. Goats and routers, under the same roof, not far from the Tibetan Government in Exile's home of Dharamsala, India.

Phuntsok says,

"We have 10 students in the radio team but have only 2 Sony IC voice recorders. A friend of the organization will be in San Francisco sometime in early July on his way to India and he can bring for us the voice recorder if we manage to get some."

Got any used voice recorders, or related gear you're not using? Email him at: phuntsok at tcv.org.in. These are good folks, doing innovative work without a lot of resources.

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  2. Hamish isn’t drinking the Kool-Aid he’s chugging it. Sure we have made mistakes but that doesn’t change the situation of China in the slightest. And there are many possibilities for Tibet between inclusion in China and independence. There are certainly gray areas in many areas of the Tibet issue but one thing is clear and that’s the near certainty that in a century China will look back on their behavior in to Tibet with shame.

  3. well gee Hamish, maybe it doesn’t matter since the Beijing government is already sending the Tibetans to hell in the first place. Who’s talking about “anti-Chinese activities”? Or is anything pro-Tibet automatically evil? What would you have said in 1939 about Jews in Germany?

  4. Xeni, what qualifies as ‘used recording equipment’. For us non-sound-engineer-folks, a few keywords would be helpful. Does a tape-based pocket voice recorder sans tapes qualify? Batteries are not cheap in India – would they like a few extra ones?

    Apparently, most oppressive regimes don’t realize that many people would rather die with freedom and dignity than serve in humiliation.
    Amusing that you don’t see the irony in what you are suggesting – correct past abuses, but ignore current ones. Separate abuses by separate peoples, but the fact remains.

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  6. What the heck is that first comment? Must have slipped by the spam control.
    In any case, where can we find more information on what these gentlemen are doing with voice recorders and their project in general?

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