Gypsophilia's "Sa-ba-da-OW!" -- fantastic album of angular, sweet, nostalgic jazz from indie Halifax band

Halifax "angular jazz" musicians Gypsophilia have just released their new album, "Sa-ba-da-OW!" and it's fabulous, a jazz-era sound that has plenty of straight-ahead melody in addition to some really weird, interesting side-jaunts. The band is known for throwing beautiful, decadent debauchery parties in 1930s style in Halifax, and the music carries over that party mood. Be sure to check out the title track for something really special.



  1. the weird thing is there is already a band called Gypsophilia that seems to have been around a while and has more records out.
    Maybe it’s time for a new name?

  2. Yet another reason why I love living in Halifax. Makes you forget about the fact that it’s currently one of the most violent cities in Canada.

  3. Little over the top on the “one of the most violent cities” thing. Two groups of wannabe gangster throwing lead at each other and hitting cars doesn’t make us T.O.


    Gypsophilia! This is amazing news. I certainly didn’t expect to learn these guys had put a record out on BB.

  5. I think what Satan Ate My Ears meant to type was “one of the most amazing cities in Canada”. This includes the great Halifax music scene and Gypsophilia. So glad they’re getting the attention they deserve. Thanks BB!

  6. It is one of the most amazing cities in halifax, but when you have kids shooting at each other, a woman with a shady past being found dead at a school and a pregant lady getting stabbed in the back and chest over an unspecified peice of electronics, you can’t ignore it. I love my city, but it is in desperate need of a clean up.

  7. carries it for immediate download
    so does iTunes, emusic, Amazon
    HMV across the country can order it

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