BB Video: "Ssshhh," by Hess is More, dir: m ss ng p eces (music video)

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Boing Boing Video today debuts a new music video: "Ssshhhh," by Hess is More, from the new album "Hits." Produced and directed by m ss ng p eces. "Playful techno" artist Mikkel Hess hails from Denmark, and currently calls New York City his home -- and that's where these guys shot this quirky, colorful video, using some interesting camera gear.

Ari Kuschnir, Producer and co-founder of m ss ng peces, on the shoot:

Shhhhh is such an intense, infectious beat that -- we wanted the video to complement the arc of the track. I've been a big fan of HESS since 2006, and we've collaborated on a number of projects. Knowing that the single and album were his official US debut, we wanted to show HESS running through NYC and training to earn his 'spot' in the US charts.

We chose to shoot at 59.97 frames per second on the Panasonic HPX-170 to give it a crisp 'video' look. The Bodymount (by Doggicam) we attached to HESS for a number of scenes was brought in to match the energy and tempo of Shhhh.

More from director and m ss ng peces co-founder Scott Thrift:
The first time i heard Shhhhhh I was experiementing with a resistance work out using large rubber bands. I imagined HESS using the same workout, training his arms to be a great drummer. The music video format is a lot of fun to play with. Right now, we're putting the finishing touches on our next music video for DFA Records' outstanding new band Free Energy.
You really gotta watch it in HD -- select the higher-quality option in the embed above, or try the MP4 download. The visual progression of the video got stuck in my head as much as the catchy, poppy, nerdy tune. I really love this piece.

NYC folks: Don't miss Hess is More's upcoming live shows in Brooklyn at Coco66 and the Sycamore. Details here.

Below, another use of the body-mounted camera chosen to create the unique look and sense of motion in this video. - XJ



  1. Ayyyy! This video, it almost gave the Manolo the seizure, and he is not even epileptic.

  2. Ooooh, now I want to see the video of the luge-r (“luge-rider”? “luge-person”? “lugey”?)! Can I get a link up in here?

  3. I can’t figure out what offensive phrase the director’s name was before it was disemvoweled. (yes, I know.) suggestions?

  4. As a fan of techno, I am vexed by people who use ‘techno’ to describe any up-tempo beat-driven music. Read the Wikipedia article on Techno, please, and call Hess ‘Danish Dance Pop.’

    Actually if you like Hess, you might not like real Techno at all, and vice versa.

  5. I went to high school (Rødkilde for teh win) with Mikkel. He once took a dump in a bowl at a party. I believe the reasoning was that said party was provincial and beneath him. Excellent jazz drummer though.

  6. Fun! And he has a passing resemblance to young Patrick McGoohan. The long lost Prisoner Workout Video!

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