Social media in times of political crisis: six "lessons learned"


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  1. gtron says:

    some say that twitter helped those in the Iranian crisis – truth is, the Iranian crisis probably just saved twitter… it is inane and the usage was dropping rapidly until this Iranian election. it will probably still drop off the radar…
    (I also am an ‘expert’ on the internet) unless some crossover use arises or evolves

  2. jphilby says:

    “it is inane and the usage was dropping rapidly”

    On what planet?

    It was just becoming interesting. Now it’s a propaganda organ. Sad. Will there ever be a P2P channel that doesn’t have a ‘solution’ imposed?

  3. matt joyce says:

    Primary source information isn’t source information until it’s been confirmed and verified as accurate. As a means of communication twitter provides almost no implicit authoritative value. There are very few vectors by which to verify the authenticity or origin of works placed in that domain. Twitter’s strengths as a tool of those engaged in creating history, are also it’s weaknesses in recording that very same history. A double edge sword that we’ve seen often in the past.

    It’s also wise to remember that, twitter’s usefulness in Iran disappears entirely within the continental US. It’s usefulness is very much tied to the region in which it is deployed as a tool.

    But, that being said… primary source information is the most valuable form of information in the collection of historical data. Without it, we’d have only the filtered recordings of periodicals and other secondary source outlets, that may or may not be beholden to a publishing standard that deprives us of historical value.

  4. Ernunnos says:

    Completely misses the most important lesson.

    Nothing changed.

  5. Brad S. says:

    “Tweets Are Generally Banal…”


  6. mrklaw says:

    How does one become an “Expert on the internet”?

  7. Moriarty says:

    “How does one become an “Expert on the internet”? “

    Answer: On the internet, everyone is an expert.

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