Woodsy themed laptop and iPhone cases

Picture 5-3

Yogi Bear-style Laptop sleeve and iPhone case from HunterGatherer. Very nice! HunterGatherer iPhone Case & Laptop Sleeve


  1. The fake paneling on my dad’s ’77 Olds station wagon looked better. Now if this had Yogi and Booboo on it…

  2. I like the look, but it has two things going against it. First, the wood grain is only on the back of the case. They really should have found a way to get the grain to wrap the entire case. It looks kind of crappy the way it is. Second, $50 is highway robbery. iPhone cases are already almost universally overpriced. The Incase Slider normally costs $35. Adding $15 to that price is ridiculous.

  3. it has the same effect on me that web buttons made out of photoshop gradients do, slightly queezy.

  4. Bleah. It looks like fake zebra skin, only in brown. And fading off at the edges makes it look even worse.

    Are there any companies doing design-your-own styles? When I bought my Flip video camera, I was able to get it with a custom-printed image on it for no extra cost, courtesy of Cafe Press. Sounds like this kind of stuff should be even easier.

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