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11 Responses to “(BB Video) Mile-High Gaming with Virgin America + Google”

  1. HOTDAMN says:

    For the sake of the fellow in the above image maybe you should change the title to “Mile high gaming with virgin AIRLINES”

  2. Xeni Jardin says:


  3. sworm says:

    lol. my thoughts exactly.

    leave it!

  4. a_user says:

    Two planes full of gamers doing what they could do on the ground. Increased air traffic speeds up climate damage. Don’t encourage.

  5. reesemlm says:

    #4: thank you.

    i’m kind of speechless.

  6. onigame says:

    Wow, you can almost read the text on my shirt in that video!

    Xeni is too humble to mention that she had the critical insight on the only puzzle I was stuck on, making her an instrumental part of our flight’s victory.

    For more sordid details, read my blog. (And for a light web search puzzle of your own, *find* my blog.)

    — Wei-Hwa

  7. Xeni Jardin says:

    #4 and #5,

    the planes also contained paying fare passengers, it was a normal commercial flight, not something scheduled solely for this experiment.

    @Wei-Hwa, HAH! I am too honest to try and cop that one, I just shouted what Ze Frank had said quietly behind me. I think my brain snapped the same thought silently at about the same time his did, but in fairness, but he said it first! :)

    You are a rock star, Wei-Hwa, and it was great meeting you! I’ll look for your blog, and please send us some fun stuff for Boing Boing sometime when you think of it!


  8. Anonymous says:


    More importantly, did you win in Le Havre?

    I am obsessed with that game now…

  9. Anonymous says:

    Myself being sooo new to the computer world I thought this video was ‘Fantastically’ entertaining as well as informative for those of us looking for a search engine that is knowledgeable as well as trusted. I usually only hear of ‘Google’ but know nothing about it really.
    Thanx for the giggles, Constance

  10. IamInnocent says:

    Constance, that makes you a Google Virgin!

  11. Rob Beschizza says: