Meet the former Time Warner exec the US govt has put in charge of writing a secret, restrictive copyright treaty

James Love from Knowledge Ecology International sez, "Kira Kira Alvarez is the Deputy Assistant USTR for Intellectual Property Enforcement, and the chief negotiator on ACTA. According to her Linkedin bio, Kira was previously Vice President, Global Public Policy at Time Warner, and Director, International Government Affairs at Eli Lilly. She also worked in the past for USTR and the Department of Commerce. This blog gives some further background details, including the reports from her 2006 lobbyists' reports from Eli Lilly. It is always useful to know something about the people who are doing these negotiations."

Meet the chief US ACTA negotiator: Kira Alvarez, the Deputy Assistant USTR for IP Enforcement (Thanks, Jamie!)


  1. It is somewhat telling that ANY government works secretly on a law that is not to do with social or security issues but concerned with something affecting all citizens of a country. It shows were the real interest is… MONEY.

  2. This seems to be the M.O. of the “new way of thinking” Obama administration.

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The US Senate on Thursday approved the Obama administration’s nomination of Julius Genachowski, a telecommunications industry executive, to head the Federal Communications Commission.

  3. Oh wait, “Former Industry Executve” is not the same as ” Lobbyist” – I feel much better now…

    But wait a minute, where do Lobbyists come from – oh that’s right, the executive ranks of their respective industry. Now I see the Hope of the Change!

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