Puzzle Master Wei-Hwa Huang's Blog Account of "Day in the Clouds"


"Day in the Clouds," The Virgin America + Google in-flight internet gaming competition we published a BB Video piece about today, netted yet another honor for multiple world puzzle championship Winner Wei-Hwa Huang. He's shown above, on our flight, using one of the tools of his win: a notebook. Not the notebook computer, a notebook. He has an extensive blog post about his experience at the event here, which includes the impossibly awesome phrase "Parallel slave processor friends," used to describe his seat-mates, off whom he bounced thoughts as he sorted out answers. My favorite part of his post? The lyrics he wrote as an answer for one of the puzzles. You should read the whole entry, because it's rare to read such a subjective, intimate account of how genius prepares for a competition in his field. But, I have to just blog the song he wrote, here: Enjoy the world with the day in the cloud Never be bored and say this aloud: Everything is connected when you live in the clouds Every line is expected when you live in the clouds Everyone can do it no matter your status have fun anywhere while flying through a stratus! Everything is awesome when you live in the clouds Everything and then some can be found in the clouds Don't worry so about problems in flight, Because you know Everything's going to be all right! Day in the Cloud -- Virgin America Flight 921 (Onigame livejournal; image via Virgin America)