"I'm Fat and Nobody Likes Me"

As Steve Lodefink says: "Awesome teen angst comedy mischief pop by Chair."


  1. hahaha…

    Makes me wonder why people got so up in arms about little kids using swear words and being gross on South Park. THAT’S WHAT KIDS DO!

    And I love it when they do. +2 to them.

  2. Just to rain on the parade, if this song had been “I’m a geek/nerd and nobody likes me” with the same type of comments about being bullied and humiliated would it still be seen as funny here at BB?
    Maybe this is just adolescent males being adolescent males, but as a fat person I’m not too amused.
    As for kids using swear words, I was at the movies last night and in the crap they show for the audience before the ads before the trailers before the movie was a kid promoting a new show on cable as being “fuckin fantastic” The kid in question was 10-12. I was surprised.

  3. @#5 the kid is trying to be resilient and frankly he is amazing.

    I don’t think nerdcore strikes the same nerve because post dot-com some nerds got revenge and plus nerd girls got hotter.

  4. Nostradamus Moment: In the year 2041, this video will be used as evidence to pardon the lead singer for crimes against humanity. Doomed to the water mines of Michigan instead of instant flaming death, he will rise again and lead an army of pudgy, musical workers to take back the scrogs.

    (also, my captcha words are “sales akimbo,” and that’s good, too)

  5. @heydemann3: Weird Al’s “White and Nerdy”?

    I wish I was fat, so that I could say that I still think this video is awesome, but I’m stuck and have to resort to saying, as a skinny person I am amused.

    However, I am not amused, because I am skinny.

  6. fantastic! talented kids with a great delivery. keep playing at that level for 15 more years, and they will be able to conquer the musical world.

  7. What makes this so uplifting, in a media culture that gives fat kids such a rough time, is that he gets to make his own media and its so clear he will be so well liked.

  8. I really AM fat, and have often felt no one liked me, especially in high school.

    I think this is great.

    1. I got cruised way more when I was chubby than at my normal slender. The haters, they talk shit about fat, but when it gets down to serious business, they seem to like the padding just fine.

  9. I don’t get cruised when I’m slim and muscular, either. Or at least not that I notice.

    I’ve often said that I wish I had a special power that anyone who’s attracted to me would appear with a purple aura around them or something. I fear that I may already have this power.

  10. It like some awesome hybrid, Art Brut, Buzzcocks, the Minutemen, the Frogs, something, something…

  11. I think his main problem is the precociousness. Fat will come and go.

    But yes, the delivery is great.

  12. Prejudice against fat people fucking sucks. This kid needs to hook up with Parry Gripp from Nerf Herder.

  13. Re: 22, definitely a Buzzcocks vibe. I like it, this kid could change the music industry in a few years. Keep it up kid, we all understand your pain and angst. I’m/was a nerd, geek, and loser, so I can say with authority that it ain’t where you start out, it’s where you finish. These kids are winners!

  14. This actually reminds me of “Stress” by Jim’s Big Ego.

    Warning: I’m too lazy to find the original music video for this song, so for this particular demonstration you will be subjected to a “Cowboy Bebop” fan made Anime Music Video which utilizes the song in question.

  15. @21 That’s great. I fear the same

    This is good. Take something that might normally be devastating and disempower it with humor.

    “He laughed, and in that laugh it seemed normal to be outside of things. The boy liked him instantly.”

  16. Will these kids make an impact on the music industry? Maybe, but the odds are slim..*rimshot. I do with them luck, because I like him..

    Greatness was achieved in this performance though. Bravo.

  17. I used to play the guitar, and were surprised by these young kids’ mastery of the barre grip. Then I noticed that their fingers never actually changed — they just slide the same grip up and down the neck of their guitars.

    I’m thinking this is manufactured. There was a neat major/minor shift thrown in there, that kinda stood out — he guitarists didn’t shift their grip at all.

    Even that being said — damn good stuff.

  18. Ah, boys….

    Mine is only three and already he makes pee pee jokes.

    I had a science teacher in junior high who picked up on how depressed I was one day in school and asked why, and when I told her “nobody likes me, and I’m not ever popular” she told me:

    “I know it is hard now, but you are the kind of person that people will and appreciate and like more when you are an adult.”

    Strangely enough, this was the kindest and most motivating thing a teacher ever said to me.

  19. Fantastic. I’d like the hear the song this kid would write in response to that horrible “God Hates the World” video you posted.

  20. I just sat on a chair and it broke. For Valentines Day I got no love. This is hilarious and makes me laugh.

    I weigh less than 130lbs.

  21. This is really good and this kid has a lot of talent. His confidence, his aggression… give him 10 years and he’ll be the lead singer of punk band, and I’d buy the album.

    Keep at it kid, you are really good.

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