God Hates the World, by Westboro Baptist Church

The part that starts right about 5 minutes in is utterly terrifying and sad. Watch the whole thing from the top, though. "God Hates the World," brought to you by Westboro Baptist Church who previously became internet-famous for "God Hates Fags" and "God Hates America." Incidentally, the song and lyrics of which this is a remake were co-created by none other than the recently departed Michael Jackson. (Uh, thanks Richard Metzger).


  1. without even looking, I remember an interview with the Taliban where they describe the world as a toilet and how they crave the purity of death.

  2. What did it take them? Maybe 5 minutes to write this “We are the People” ripoff?

    But I have to say, their Cindy Lauper really sold it.

  3. @MIKEYHAMMOND, I’ll have to admit there is a noticeable lack of lightning bolts and other forms of divine smiting of these folks. I think even Christian folks wouldn’t mind seeing some Old Testament wrath brought down on them.

  4. this is a small church (a family?) trying to spread their hate.

    while I love boingboing so very much, it saddens me to see them furthering the hate-mongers agenda.

    sure, this is an attempt to make fun at the feable-minded hate-driven freaks, and they are easy to make fun of.

    i just wish boinboing were above this.

    that is all.

  5. So which is it? Is it too late for God to change his mind? Or should I just stop my proud sinning?

  6. You can say what you want about the westboro baptist church, but they do follow what’s written in the bible.

    If you’re a christian you can’t pick and choose. In fact, according to the old testament it’s best to wipe out entire offending villages rather then tolerate blasphemy, etc.

    1. Its also wrong to sit in a chair that a menstruating woman has sat in. And children should be sold as slaves. Are you over 35? If so, according to the bible you should die!!!

      Yes, let’s follow the bible. The world’s people will be better off!

  7. If it’s too late to change his mind, than shouldn’t the WBC be advocating lawless depravity and debauchery?

  8. I have to wonder- isn’t this somewhat outside of ‘fair use’? I would love for the author of this tune to file suit.

  9. Wow. Just wow. That’s crazy. I at first thought that was a parody…

    … but most of all what’s with the upside down Canadian flag?!?! WTF??

  10. This is the WBC’s best work to date. It’s kinda catchy and I was laughing really hard right up until the very end. That’s a pretty sad case of child abuse. Reminds a little bit of what happens to child soldiers in Rawanda. Program them young, little blank sheets of paper that they are!

    Makes you wonder what the WBC will have God hate next. I mean, they’re really running out of things to hate.

    I do think they serve a purpose though, if for no other reason than to show us how ridiculous their stance of pure, blinding, unrelenting hatred looks.

  11. @#7:

    Sworm, if you can’t think of any sound rationale for a Christian to disregard something in the Old Testament, you really don’t know enough about Christianity to criticize it. Have you actually READ the Bible? (Hint: one of the whole supposed points of Jesus’s presence on earth was to supersede Jewish ritual law. This is entirely *mainstream* theology, dude.)

    And FWIW, this is an avowed agnostic telling you this. I just don’t want religion to be criticized on unfactual grounds. It doesn’t help any of us to misrepresent other people’s believes the way some misrepresent ours, and it certainly doesn’t help us claim the moral or intellectual high ground. Isn’t dismissing things you don’t understand supposed to be THEIR game?

  12. I don’t understand. If it’s too late to avoid God’s wrath, then shouldn’t we just all keep sinning and enjoy the time we have?

  13. I’m just confused…Why are we supposed to stop sinning if it’s too late because we’re already all destined for hellfire? Why not enjoy life and not worry about what the FSM is going to be pissed about?

  14. This is like some crazy round of religious-extremist one-upmanship: “God hates Americans” < "God hates EVERYONE... and the world!" But seriously, does anyone else suspect that maybe their church is funded by anonymous atheist donations?

  15. I choose to look at the bright side of this ugly piece of humanity. Pronouncing that god hates the entire world just makes it even easier to write these asshats off as complete nutjobs.

    As if it wasn’t already so easy to do so…

    Seriously, the singers seemed somewhat amused by their pronouncements. I’m calling shenanigans and do hereby accuse the Westboro Baptist Church of being interested not in the fate of people’s souls but in their own self-serving publicity. I don’t think even *they* genuinely believe their own message.

    And that makes them a bunch of frauds.

  16. Who let the dogs out?

    What’s with all the ugly women? They must be farmers or something. Though can’t be corn farmers otherwise they’d be singing about UFO abductions.

  17. Has anyone notified the “We are the World” composers about this copyright infringement?

  18. @ CERTHAS: they are desecrating the Canadian flag to punish the godless canadians for not killing their homosexuals.
    For more info on this, see their website http://www.godhatescanada.com
    (i think there will be one for every single country soon)

    @ JACQUES45: You’ve allmost got it.
    Yes, its too late for all of us godless sinners too repent at this point. However, these fine faithful folks can still earn extra chistian carma points by jeering at us sinners. I suppose it’s somewhat like frequent flyer miles for Rapturers.

    Actually, in a sick way I kind of admire how the Westboro Baptist Church / Phelps gene pool make no apologies about how their entire life seems to revolve around spewing hate in all directions.
    Their religion is 100% effed upp, but at least they make more sense than all the LaVeyes, Crowleys and Simons of the world, who throw the word “evil” around all day whilst cuddling with a puppy.

  19. Jeebus. It’s going to take more than a unicorn chaser to wash that crap out of my head.

  20. Either the WBC is a secret Catholic group devoted to discrediting protestantism, or an atheist group devoted to discrediting religion.

    I refuse to believe that trolls can exist in real life.

  21. #25 mn_camera

    “Has anyone notified the “We are the World” composers about this copyright infringement?”

    1.) The “We Are the World” composer is, as of last week, now a decomposer. You may have seen a news item or two on it.

    2.) That video is filled with “win”. Hilarious parody. There is no longer any question that the Westboro “Church” actually believes their routine. (They are a business– get people to “infringe on their rights”, then sue.)

  22. 1.) The “We Are the World” composer is, as of last week, now a decomposer. You may have seen a news item or two on it.

    But it was co-written by Lionel Richie who’s obviously still alive, and I’m pretty sure Quincy Jones has a stake in it as well.

  23. @EEYOREX: I may have this wrong, but my interpretation is that Anton LaVey’s philosophy wasn’t evil, but was more to break with the worship of a false idol and to be entirely self-reliant and empowered. He spoke against harming innocent life, especially children and animals. And as long as someone didn’t cross you, you were to let them to their own thing.

  24. They condemn pedophiles using Michael Jackson’s music: think an instant that these people vote, drive cars, have children… and well, that they also manage to have us talking about them.

    If God doesn’t hate the World then He is One who must love puzzles.

  25. I feel so sorry for these people. Haven’t they heard of the Pharisee’s prayer, which taught us not to stand on our soap box and thank God that we are not like those we see as more sinful than ourselves. I fear that most of the members of this church are in for a huge surprise on judgment day based only on the example of the pharisee’s prayer. And, I could give you many many more examples of why what they are doing is not biblical, but what’s the point: nothing is going to get through to them, because they are not really open to God.

    Please, somebody, get that little girl at the end in foster care. That is the most blatant form of child abuse I’ve ever seen. I came up in a church similar to this one, and after studying the bible with doctorate degree pastors from various denominations over many decades to learn what they learned in seminary, I have to say that the bible can get so distorted by those without proper education that I think it should be the law that no one can preach unless they have a doctorate degree from an accredited university/seminary. If it’s worth doing, it’s worth preparing for. Even the ancient people that so many fundamentalists Christians judge as savages made their shaman study for a lifetime before they allowed them to affect people of their own tribe. Shouldn’t we have as much or more sense than those we address as savages? These people are not fit to raise a child if they’d put her on the internet singing God hates the world. Please get her in foster care before she has to overcome brainwashing and Stockholm Syndrome as I’m still doing and will probably be doing one layer at a time for the rest of my life.

    My two cents worth.

  26. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I could have sworn I smelled feces as I watched this video.

  27. @24 – Amen! I guess we know two things god doesn’t hate: overpriced athletic wear & being a monumental bunch of media whores.

    Yes, I am also curious why so many of them seem to be snickering during this melody… seems even they think it is ridiculous.

    Evidently god’s hates serving up their website, I wanted to see how big they proclaim their membership to be…

  28. It’s quite ridiculous that people that have built their business (yes, it’s a business… tax breaks or not) on a religion whose central tenets are love for one’s fellow man, and all they can do is spread hate and negativity.
    The sadder thing is that their followers lap it up, indicating that they have no concern for theology, only spectacle and herd-mentality.

    Ban religion, IMO.

  29. i find myself wondering, i they are killed is that sinners doing sin? or holy people doing gods work?.

    i always find the question of “how do you know gods wishes?” gets a vacant stare followed by a dribble “… the bible told me”

    then you can go down the whole path of ‘talking bible crazy voices’.

    Perhaps we should point out to them that we should reserve judgement until gods does the CNN interview. (i hear he is booked for 2012 sometime)

  30. Funny, the rest of the world seems to be doing just fine, despite apparently incurring the wrath of God.

    Maybe God actually hates the Westboro Baptist Church.

  31. Response to Anton Levay comment: yes, you are right, Anton Levay did not believe in evil or the devil. He used those as socially understood examples. His stance was to learn to think for yourself, live in harmony with yourself, harm none and not take a stand against anyone else’s choices unless they hurt you.

    In general, pagans do not believe in evil or the devil and definitely do not worship evil or the devil. Their stance is one of peace. Their one commandment: harm none.

    That does not mean that every pagan and every pagan writer is a respected member of society (although I think Levay was more so than some), but that is true of every religion. The respected ones are quietly worshipping in peace in their own little section of the world and trying to find a way to do some good there. Unfortunately, the not to be respected ones are out there giving them all a bad name kinda like the Westboro Baptist Church is out there giving all Christians a bad name.

    I’m a Christian, but I live in a city with the second highest pagan population in the USA, so I know a fair amount of them. The good ones resemble many good Christians – kindness to others, family focus, etc. The bad ones can be scary, but we can’t judge them for that as bad Christians are scary too.

    I guess my stand is that as Christians we are called not to judge and not to bear false witness, so we need to educate ourselves and know what we are talking about before we open our mouths. In that thread, I’ll say that I don’t really believe in paganism, but it’s my responsibility as a Christian to be honest and say that I know for a fact they do not worship the devil or evil.

  32. what the f do they have against canada? What’s with the upside down canadian flag. Once in a while I think the world is fundamentally a good place.

    Then I see something like this.

  33. If there’s one thing us Canadians are, it’s ultra patriotic lunatics who foam at the mouth and punch the computer monitor whenever we see someone waving our flag upside down. These guys knew just how to get to us.

  34. If God hates the world, and the Westboro Baptist Church exists in the world, then God hates the Westboro Baptist Church.

    Who would like to join me in making signs that state this and march up and down in front of their building for every church service, wedding, baptism, funeral, etc. Maybe then they’d understand what they are doing.

  35. I do hope they’re doing it for the publicity.

    Otherwise, this video will get a lot of play on cable news after their inevitable mass-suicide. A cult favorite.

  36. Does God also hate non-white people? Or is that just a missing demographic in that part of the world?

  37. Why is the one guy waving a Canadian Flag upside down? Are they trying to really piss off Canadians?

  38. It’s sad seeing so much effort wasted on hatred. All their resources and energy and what do they offer? Nothing. Some legacy.

  39. “inevitable mass-suicide.” there you go! If the feds could pull off Waco, why not this zit?

  40. seems to fly in the face of John 3:16 “For God so loved the world” etc… “by their fruit you shall know them”.

  41. I’m skeptical. As numerous posters have pointed out, they’re LAUGHING as they sing. Are there any recognizable WBC faces in that crowd, or could it possibly be made by some third party to mock WBC? They even refer to the earth as feminine–kinda odd for fundamentalists. And the lyrics–I’m willing to believe they lack the imagination to come up with a good parody, but the lyrics were so general (no Old Testament allusions, not much in the way of explicit doctrine) it certainly wouldn’t be impossible for some anti-WBC folks to cobble this together.

    Or should I just totally give up on my faith in humanity?

  42. From the same jackasses who brought you funeral picketing. Pretty sure that if there were a God, he’d hate the WBC the most.

  43. Well, they’re not Bible literate. The comment, “In fact, according to the old testament it’s best to wipe out entire offending villages rather then tolerate blasphemy, etc.” is evidence (obviously one of their followers) that’ they’re confused….Jesus is the new convenient and God does not wipe out villages–and Sodom and Gomorra was not wiped out because of gays… I’d like to see inside these people’s hearts. I’ll bet their just as full of sin as the next person–more with this radical and hateful behavior. They totally miss God’s Grace. So sad. Really sad. It’s a CULT, and they should have their children removed. People are arrested for a lot less. They are spreading terrorism. By the way, I am a Christian and I denounce their acts.

  44. @Shelby Davis

    This is not a joke and yes you can recognize some of them. This is the Phelps clan for sure.

  45. I kind of like the tune, though. I mean, compared with other hymns. I suppose it just makes the message that much more creepy by contrast.

  46. There is not disgust enough nor words nor bile for such waste of sperm/air/food/language.

    Maybe one day they will come out of the collective closet and find peace.

  47. If ripping off a song by a recently dead artist is the least tasteless thing these guys do today, I’ll consider it a good day.

  48. Sure glad my God is not the same one those Westboro Baptist Church people believe in! Long live Thor!

  49. For TAUKUAN @ 48

    That would put a smile on my face for weeks.

    (yes that is hateful, but these people and their ilk bring Nothing to the human table)

  50. I couldn’t bring myself to watch the whole thing…but as other comments have alluded to, I smell another Jonestown coming if that’s the way they view the state of the world. These people are in some serious need of visits from social services to remove their kids and a lot of mental health care.

  51. Wait, we’ll eat our kids? WTF?
    And, honestly, if these assholes are right about God, I’d rather burn in hell.

  52. @ #11- you, me and a tricked out m4 within 300 yards of their god will nip this little problem in the bud. lol :)
    Cotton Mather was so 1999 people, c’mon.

  53. Shame on you Westboro Baptist Church: the framing, cuts, backgrounds, and overall editing leave a lot to be desired.

  54. I’m not sure it is even worth responding to this, but these people are not Christians. Jesus Christ died for the world. God does not HATE the world, if he did he would not have sent his son Jesus to save it.

    Made me want to cry and scream when I watched this. Especially the cute little girl at the end.

  55. Kinda makes your own life seem a little brighter, doesn’t it?

    Kinda makes my little hobbies and interests seem a lot better. Imagine how sick you would have to be to obsess over your own hatred like they do. They’re just sick.

  56. @Shelby Davis

    Yeah, Shirley Phelps-Roper is all over it. I recognize a couple of their hot daughters, too. This is the real deal, these are real people, and they don’t pay taxes.

    /seeks freedom *from* religion.

  57. @16: Let’s quote Jesus shall we:

    “Do not think that I have come to abolish the law or the prophets. ..l. Amen, I say to you, until heaven and earth pass away, not the smallest part or the smallest part of a letter will pass from the law.” (Matthew 5:17 NAB)

    The real reason for christians to not follow the old testament, is because like the new testament, it’s all utter crap. It’s the ravings of ignorant mentally ill loons.

    The only difference between a ‘good’ christian and the westboro church, is that ‘good’ christians don’t follow particular rules in the bible out of ignorance or because deep down they know it’s wrong.

    And as long you think the rules in that silly book take precedence over other peoples’ lives and feelings – you’re a part of the same club as the westboro church. Congratulations.

  58. With apologies to Ivan Stang..,I love Jesus, but I have serious issues with his fan club.

    Praze Bob!

  59. @78 SWORM:

    Convenient use of ellipsis–the omitted portions states that Jesus came “not to destroy, but to fulfill,” generally taken by non-bigot Christians to mean that while Jesus didn’t completely disregard the portions of the Bible written beforehand, His actions obviated the Mosaic laws.

    The difference between “good” Christians and “bad” Christians is that the “good” ones understand the interim nature of the stone-the-sinners bits.

  60. Why have these poor, deluded folks not drunk the Kool-Aid yet?

    My question is, where do they get thier money? I know they are all realted, and most of them are lawyers (dis-barred, but still current on Constitutional law). Maybe some 30’s-era gangster stashed millions Westboror, Kansas and these morons found it.

  61. If there’s one thing us Canadians are, it’s ultra patriotic lunatics who foam at the mouth and punch the computer monitor whenever we see someone waving our flag upside down.

    I’m a new Canadian. And I want to be a good one. I’ve always loved Canada, even before I knew I was a Canadian. I was proud and delighted when the newly revised immigration laws recognized me as a “born abroad citizen.” So I want to do whatever the role calls for. Maybe foaming at the mouth when the flag is dissed is a bit much, but if that’s what it takes, I’ll try, I really will.

    I think it would be a lot easier, though, if OUR flag didn’t look so much like a restaurant tablecloth…

  62. They get their money from lawsuits against people stupid enough to assault them. As for people who think they don’t believe what they say because of their smiles. No, those are not the knowing smiles the ironic, those are the empty smiles of the delusional.

    They are a sad bunch but sort of useful, in a way. They serve as an extreme example I guess.

  63. their website has a break down of satanic countries, worth checking out for kicks. Cant see how anyone could take them seriously, its way too over the top – My hypothesis is the WBC is actually some super hardcore performance art troupe, and this shtick will end up as some big joke on us. I hope :( Anyway, I cant wait for them to do NZ, I could do with a bit of a laugh.


  64. “If you really are Christian you have to take the whole Bible literally, you can’t pick and choose.”

    I’d like to see how many hands and eyes you have left. Remember, it is better to live without a (body part here) than to have your entire body cast into hell. And don’t expect any mercy if you wear a clothing made of more than one kind of thread. All from the Old Testament.

  65. Well, if he hates us, what’s he waiting for? When will this wrath come? We can’t change anything, so what’s the hold up?

  66. I think Antinous is right …

    They won’t be around much longer. There’s a predictable end for paranoid apocalyptarians.

  67. TO SWORM: I am sorry you feel that way about all Christians, but you have to understand biblical history as well. The old testament was based on Jewish Law, which included the binding and loosing of the law. Anyone who has gone to seminary should know this, so it should be being taught in churches. The loosing of the law meant that when a law harms someone in a special situation or does not meet a particular need, then the law can be loosed to allow the need to be met within the guideline of the law – emphasize the word guideline. The law was put in place to keep social order and keep all people safe (the good of the many) but was compassionate enough to allow the law to be loosed within the guidelines to keep the few safe as well. This is what Jesus was trying to emphasize and teach the Romans to respect with situations such as defending the men eating wheat on the sabbath to appease their hunger – even though it was against the law, Jesus responded to the need. I think that is sufficient example for this avenue of communication. There are many Christians out there who abide by the binding and the loosing of the law and have great compassion for people with special needs. I pray you meet some of them one day. They are pretty awesome. I met one in a coffee house one day when I was as disillusioned by Christianity as anyone could be, and when I saw Christianity from the viewpoint of people who defended the need above the law like Jesus did when the men were eating the wheat, and I then understood that Jesus was truly an early humanitarian, and I truly came to love what he stood for from that time on. I’ve continued to learn from these people for almost a decade now – most of them doctorate degreed – and each day I’m more and more amazed by what Christianity really is supposed to be. Please don’t judge all of us for the sins of those who in recent generations have decided to get involved in politics and become public spectacles. I am ashamed of those types of Christians myself. Good luck to you.

  68. If it’s too late to change His mind then I won’t change anything for His sake.

    What’s with the upside-down Canadian flag?

    What must that little girl think of a god who hates the world?

    Oh. It looks like I’m just repeating what other people already said. Darnit.


    Please read the book, “The Year of Living Biblically”. It is a man who tried for one year to live the bible literally, and it explains your point very well. Good luck.

  70. Did they forget that they are also part of the world’s people? Logically, they are also going to hell. Oh, I forgot, there is no hell. Nevermind.

  71. Two thoughts:

    – In order to do this, they had to have watched/listened to the original “We Are the World” to mirror the phrasing so well. The mind boggles.

    – Listening to it only once while doing something else simultaneously, I’ve already got half of it memorized (and thanks for that, BTW). Why did they all need to keep their noses down to read every single word off of their songsheets?

  72. Seriously, those intolerant miscreants have been given enough tolerance. It’s time to reject them outright and with no apologies or allowance for the “good” kind of Christians. That time is gone.

    What they are doing to that child is without a shred of hyperbole equal to the acts of a child-molester. I want these people tagged so I can know when one moves into my neighborhood.

    I know these folks supposed to be on the extreme side, but they are just saying what all the Christians out there are thinking in their black, soulless, smug, coal-like hearts. May they all face the hell of their own making and as soon as possible.

  73. Seriously, the singers seemed somewhat amused by their pronouncements. I’m calling shenanigans and do hereby accuse the Westboro Baptist Church of being interested not in the fate of people’s souls but in their own self-serving publicity. I don’t think even *they* genuinely believe their own message.

    I think the most likely explanation if this strikes a vein of truth is actually somewhat different.

    Their church’s pastor is a failed, disbarred lawyer. I think it’s entirely possible that he took up this crusade to keep himself employed, and he brainwashed a following into the kind of misguided fervor that keeps them embattled, hated, and therefore tight knit.

    After he gathered together and threw them to the lions by turning them loose on a crusade of hatred, they forge ties as a group that are too strong for their cunning pastor to have to worry about not having food on his table. His victims are too loyal to him to let that happen.

    The followers of this church really are as insane as you see them acting. They believe everything they say. They are true believers in the gospel of this Church of Sadism.

    Also, yes, what we see above definitely is child abuse. Unfortunately it’s the kind that cannot be prosecuted.

  74. why can’t it be prosecuted? Why can’t the status of this so-called “church” be revoked? If it were a group of lunatic muslims calling for the death of America, it would happen.

  75. @101 Don’t be ridiculous. Do you think the Christians who actively campaign for gay rights are just doing it to score political points or something? Heck, I’m a Christian and (like the earliest Christians) I don’t even believe in Hell, so I certainly can’t be agreeing with anything these jerks are saying.

    I’ve read up on Fred Phelps. He was a bitter, angry, hateful little man long before he became a preacher and latched onto homosexuality as his pet issue. Religion’s just an excuse that allows him to justify his hate – and our complicity in allowing that to happen is something for Christians to examine seriously, no question. But make no mistake: if Fred Phelps hadn’t found his justification in his bizarre version of Christianity, he’d have latched onto whatever other ideology provided a framework for a life based on hatred.

    1. He was a bitter, angry, hateful little man long before he became a preacher and latched onto homosexuality as his pet issue.

      I think that this is the key concept here. Religion is rarely about religion, and usually about politics or personality defects.

  76. I think the upside down Canadian flag is there because they have in the past been denied entry into the country.

  77. As a Christian, I can say that these people are not Christian at all. God does hate sin, he does not hate the sinner.

    On a lighter note, I personally hope God hates how band their band is.

  78. “he brainwashed a following into the kind of misguided fervor that keeps them embattled, hated, and therefore tight knit.”

    There is an answer to that. It isn’t more hate.

  79. Any comments on @90, Hagbard? Sounds too cool much like a Robert Anton Wilson plot.

    They MUST be a hardcore performance art troupe. That IS the way the world is. Humans ARE on that level. I love this beautiful, trippy life.

  80. thats child abuse at the end…..fucking ruining a child like that, it makes me furious as a father knowing a pure innocent being is being warped by their vulgar twist on religion..

  81. Re. Antinous, 106:

    Religion is rarely about religion, and usually about politics or personality defects.

    What often gets called religion is not in fact religion, but people inappropriately co-opting religious language or symbols to pursue politics, tribalism, greed, prejudice, or nationalism.

  82. why can’t it be prosecuted? Why can’t the status of this so-called “church” be revoked? If it were a group of lunatic muslims calling for the death of America, it would happen.

    People are as free to be wrong and hateful in America as they are to be kind and helpful. People also have a right to raise their children to be terrible people.

    It’s easily proven that it isn’t in the best interests of the child, but there is really no enforceable way to protect the child in this situation that would not also encroach upon other religious or parental rights which are popularly perceived as “bad” for the child.

    There is an answer to that. It isn’t more hate.

    That is perfectly true, but I don’t think anybody is capable of winning with the opposite of hate. If anyone comes to them trying to rebuke them, even lovingly so, they’re just a fag-lover that needs to be stoned to death and sent to hell and any one of these people would take great joy in doing exactly that the same way they take joy in heaping suffering upon people at funerals.

  83. I strongly suspect a non-white, non-“christian” hate group wouldn’t find much “freedom” if they were targeted for dissolution.

  84. Did you hear the snickering the young girls were doing near the end of the song? Did they realize how ridiculous this was?

    I’m glad #69 pointed me to Michael Moore’s video about Westboro. It was hilarious.

    The young kid at the end is scary–to think they are influencing anyone else–she has no idea what she’s saying.

    The good thing about Westboro is they make the conservative Christians who reject gays like me feel ashamed to be associated in the same breath with Westboro and makes them want to change their minds….the bad thing is that the people of Westboro are the worst advertisement for a nice guy like Jesus, a good God, and a decent faith. Who wants to be a Christian when all you see is this crap?

    I do think that “the right to peaceful gathering” has gone to far when people are allowed to picket a funeral. I wish that were made illegal. No one should be picketing a funeral…that’s not free speech, it’s dishonorable and inhuman.

  85. I personally am not a Christian, but I am sufficiently aware of the basics of the religion to realise that the notion that the Christian god hates the world is profoundly anti-Biblical and anti-Christian. Compare this with possibly the most famous verse of the entire Christian bible – John 3:16.

    The only religion I know of which features an all-powerful deity which hates the world as much as the Westboro cult’s god does is a variant of Satanism. As far as I am concerned, the Westboro cult is just another Satanist cult and as ridiculous as all the others.

  86. @82, Sworm:

    Your quote of the Lord was missing a few key and important words. Lets look again:

    “Do not think that I have come to abolish the law or the prophets. I have come not to abolish but to fulfill. Amen, I say to you, until heaven and earth pass away, not the smallest letter or the smallest part of a letter will pass from the law, until all things have taken place.” (Matthew 5:17-18 NAB; emphasis mine)

    The Lord lived a sinless life and in doing so fulfilled all the requirements of the Law. By paying the penalty of sin (i.e. death) for them that believe in Him, His Believers receive forgiveness of sin which means that the believers are not under any law (Mosaic or otherwise). Without the Law, there is no trespass.

    People not under the law are neither good nor bad; there is no judgment in regards to works. However, God imputes righteousness unto them that believe His testimony in regards to His Son (e.g. the miracles testify that Jesus is God’s Son).

  87. You know, a huge part of me really wants to believe that these people are actually a part of one massive performance art group.

    As a Christian, seeing people like this that claim to believe what they believe just makes me ill inside.

  88. Do they have a compound?
    I think the world will gladly look the other way when the ATF storms it. I know I will.

  89. #63 Anonymous-Check out your Bible again Gen19:4-5
    You are probably aware that “to know” as expressed
    biblically, indicated sexual intercourse.Lot had
    extended hospitality to two male visitors and was admonished by a male crowd to bring his visitors
    out[“so that we may know them”]Thus ended Sodom and Gomorrah.Strangely later, Gen19:30-38,Lot’s daughters in an attempt to ensure the continuity of the family line,got the old fellow inebriated,
    initiated coitus and subsequently were impregnated
    Apparently incest was not a capital crime in them
    days and it was over 400 yrs before Moses codefied
    it Lev18:9-11.Imagine Lots’s wife got changed into
    a pillar of salt for looking back toward Sodom The
    two daughters get a pat on the back.That’s fair?

  90. #90 has my vote. Atheist agitprop. This family so loved the world that it went full retard to show us the effects of religion at its most elemental level.

  91. #15, I’m thinking that their next proclamation will be that “God Hates the Moon,” followed by other astronomical bodies.

  92. wow. this video slightly disturbed me. i dont know what they were thinking when they made this. although, i found it amusing that george bush was in the middle at 4:28

  93. I am so sick and tired of shit like this.. Isn’t it time soon to put this and other types of stone-age mysticism behind us and become truly rational beings? That’s what I want for the future. That’s my dream. Forget flying cars, jetpacks and moon bases.. Rational human beings that live in the real world.

  94. Jesus, either some sort of social effort should be made to spay and neuter these people or those of us who find this sort of thing morally reprehensible need to start doing a lot more baby-making.

  95. Am I the only one who harbours a secret hope that these idiots try to picket Michael Jackson’s funeral and finally and irrevocably get the living shit kicked out of every orifice by thousands of grieving fans?

  96. I was just thinking about what a beautiful sunny day it is here in Michigan today… too bad god hates it.

  97. Wow, that was beautiful, how could The Onion ever top that with something made-up?

    As for the child at the end, well . . . lets just be glad that kids tend to rebel when they reach adolescence, and if the WBC is as controlled and stultifying as I have heard, that kid will have a lot to rebel against (two of Fred Phelps’ kids have already left the church).

  98. @ #88:

    If there’s one thing us Canadians are, it’s ultra patriotic lunatics who foam at the mouth and punch the computer monitor whenever we see someone waving our flag upside down.

    Sorry, it looks like the original author forgot to add his tag to this. I’m fairly certain his intent is that the Canadians are an odd choice to pick, as far as who to attempt to piss off, as we’re not what anyone would call a “proud” nation. If you’re ever answering a question as far as which country is the most self-effacing, you’re going to want to answer, “Canada”. I think it has something to do with sharing a border with the cockiness nation that’s existed since Caesar’s Rome. You know, the kind of country that breeds intolerance on religious grounds, amongst other heinous acts.

  99. Do they have a compound? I think the world will gladly look the other way when the ATF storms it. I know I will.

    #119 Pantograph,

    Shame on you. Dozens of children died in that terrible fire.

  100. Airpillo
    “That is perfectly true, but I don’t think anybody is capable of winning with the opposite of hate.”

    It’s the only way one can win. I’m thinking here of the man who eventually turned a Klansman, a high dragon. He didn’t do it by heaping scorn and derision on him.

    I know it is a commonplace to discount compassion as weak and ineffectual but it isn’t. It’s the most powerful force there is. Some dude 2000 years ago said something like that. I think he had a point.

  101. I am greatly relieved to see that you guys recognize that these people do not represent Christianity. Quite the opposite. We Christians are commissioned to spread the Gospel- the Good News. Theirs is rather dismal.
    I was quite an activist in the days of the Jesus People- the early 70’s. I was, and remain, a ‘liberal Christian’, tho nowadays the conservatives say there is no such thing. I’m afraid that the Christian Church is a little lost these days, wondering into politics, devising an agenda to force their values upon others. That ain’t right. Well, it is, extreme right (wing).
    Jesus taught tolerance, compassion, love thine enemies, be at peace with all men, give more than what is asked for, help people, love people, and don’t judge them.
    I don’t blame most of you for hating today’s Christianity- they earned it. They’ve lost sight of what it’s all about. I just hope you guys can forgive them. One day the pendulum sill swing the other way and Christians will read their Bible again, and do what they’ll supposed to do: spread the love and the Good News.

  102. TO TROOFSEEKER: Thank you. You are absolutely right. Time Magazine, April 2009, had an article called “The Death of Christian America”. Everything that was said in it was everything I’ve been warning my Christian brothers and sisters about for a long time. From the time Christians entered the political arena to fulfill their agendas, they became like the stereotypical politician: dishonest, pushing their own agenda, etc. Not that I’m saying all politicians are like that or all political Christians, but it is more common than the truly honest ones. People don’t see Christians as honest any more, and I’m sorry to say that many Christians have caused us to earn that reputation. I do believe that we are on the verge of it turning around and the church becoming the loving entity Jesus meant it to be. Thank you. I also apologize for my Christian brothers and sisters who have not acted as they should. I apologize to all of the gay people and others who have received hate crimes on behalf of Christianity despite the fact that Jesus said he who lives by the sword dies by the sword. Not all of us are so judgmental. As Christians, we are supposed to be learning not to judge, and we are supposed to be praying for God to help us overcome it when our human nature shines through too much and we want to judge.

  103. I never had a problem with Jesus. (Of course when I was a kid I preferred The Lone Ranger.) It was his dad that pissed me off. In my neighborhoods there were a lot of good kids with mean fucking fathers. As a secular christian I still have no problem with the Nazarene. It’s a wacky but sweet idea.

    But the Old Man? Fuck him.

  104. Blah, blah, blah, they’re all the same; this inbred group is just more open and honest about their snobby hatred, intolerance, and bigotry, which I find refreshing.

    Man On Pink Corner, unfortunately, just as with the Hindu ghosts the other day, religious people tend to say those people are crazy, I believe in a real imaginary friend, not that crazy stuff.

    Ill Lich, I agree, this stuff is hard to top!

    Religion is the problem, not just this extreme or that extreme; there are no extremes without a middle. Fanatics are the root of religion and the flower of the tree of BS.

  105. The Internet is perpetuating Atheism and Agnostics not through sin and depravity, but through showing us the naked, and dirty truth about religion.

    Thanks for posting this. I think people need to know this is out there.

  106. What I don’t understand is why people insist on giving these nutjobs a louder voice than they deserve. The appropriate response is to roll your eyes and shake your head in disgust, not post it to your website and say “Look at this!” You are doing exactly what they want. Good job.

  107. @121, wizardofplum:

    So the difference, then, is that Lot and Lot’s daughters had faith whereas Lot’s wife did not. One can extend this to the people of Sodom and Gomorrah – they were faithless (consider Lot’s in-laws that refused to listen to him!) and were destroyed along with Lot’s wife. See Eph 2:8-9.

  108. Sworm,

    If you think this church follows God or the bible accurately, you need to seriously check yourself. Start with the book of John, particularly where it says “For God so loved the world…”. This church is an embarrassment to the Christian faith.

  109. Buddy66, you’re the most interesting person I’ve ever encountered, thanks for taking the time to be a part of this group.

    Religion does not equal spirituality, tolerance, love, or peace. Religion only equals religion.

  110. “You every one face a fiery day
    for your proud sinning,
    (So just stop it!)
    “It’s too late to change his mind…”

    wtf? what’s my motivation again?

    they might as well be chanting school yard taunts.
    ‘nah nah na nah nah, you’re going to hell.’

    what really gets me though is their ‘smiles’.

    in closing i hope MJ’s estate sues them silly.

  111. Remember O.J. Simpson claiming “if anything, I was guilty of loving her too much“?

    So now we have “For God so loved the world. . . that He hated it.”

  112. Defamation of the dead: recognized in a Court of Law as actionable? Only by contrivance, IMHO. Even if so, would truth be a defense to such a suit? And if so, in this case…

    Leaving aside questions of theology: I do not recognize these people, either this church or their pastor, as being in any way the prophet(s) of the almighty and I am ignorant of their qualification even to comment on religious matters. Ignoring what they have to say for the moment, what are their credentials to even speak to these matters?

    Bah. IMO these people are very close to criminal by their conduct, with its ill-effects on our attempts to have a peaceful civil society. They are not worth the time of day, so to speak: and if they do disturb the peace, treat them like any other obstreperous loud drunk is treated.
    Otherwise, ignore them.

  113. kid doesn’t even know what shes talking (let alone singing) about for 1. 2. are they questioning the mind of God?!? 3. why would he keep on creating people if he hates all people of this world, and continue putting them on THIS world, as I am sure that earth is not the only planet the can sustain life. just making a point. they should really read the bible more carefully.

  114. If you believe that an apocryphal collection of old mistranslated religious texts is the literal word of “God”. I don’t see any logical reason why you wouldn’t assume that “God” hates the world.

    Let’s face it by the standards of neolithic grain worshiping cults we are a decadent bunch…

    Personally, I prefer to observe that life is not just a continuous struggle to survive but also an amazingly rare opportunity to be compassionate in spite of our inherent weaknesses.

    Sadly most fools are too preoccupied with their own moral outrage and judgment to see this.

  115. I can’t quote the exact chapter and verse but I
    know there’s scripture where Jesus says that
    people will do terrible things in his name.

  116. #146 Bizzy Mizz Lizzy-Was it lack of faith or simple curiosity,a very human trait.The same over-
    reaction occured in the case of Uzzah who reached to support the falling ark of the covenant.Again a
    normal reflex action,2Sa.6:6-7.Zap,done like dinner and Satan smiled,strike one.

  117. The talibvangelicals have limboed to a new low.

    I wish they (adults only) would follow in the footsteps of Jim Jones and just exit this world to live with their imaginary sky man.

  118. @#149

    Nail, you should talk to my granddaughter. HER daughter recently said to her, “Grandpa’s really interesting isn’t he?” My granddaughter said, “I don’t know, honey, maybe he’s just so old he seems interesting.”

    BB is a kind of secular community. We Unitarian Universalists know all about that, don’t we?

  119. Here is what the Australia Baptist Union has said of Westboro Baptist Church and its pastor Fred Phelps in the past: “Mr. Phelps has a sad history of making bizarre and extreme statements that do not reflect a Christian position. His comments … are biblically and theologically invalid, scandalous, and most regrettable.”

  120. #163 Buddy 66 Ah! now you’re talking,God’s gift to
    Man,a granddaughter.The opportunity to correct some of the errors made when raising their Mums
    and reinvest in the moments that belonged to them
    but were set aside because it was expedient.How
    many times did I promise my three beautiful ladies
    tomorrow?When today was all that mattered.Not the
    business,not the bonus or new car.All has been
    reconciled but lost moments cannot be returned.So
    here’s to His Nibs,thanks for a second chance,that
    is MY religion.

  121. Buddy66, and there you have it.

    For our anon who ask the question, why do I go to church.

    Why do I go to church? Community.

    I want my kids to know there are spiritual people in this world who co-exist without fear and intolerance, who trust each other to be open and honest about their varied opinions of this great mystery and wonder that is the Universe. In Unitarian Universalist Assemblies, freedom of religion is not left outside on the front steps.

    While many may believe in god, they tend not believe in God the deity. A common comment from a UU who believes in a god, for lack of a better word, to one who doesn’t believe in God might be, “I don’t believe in the God you don’t believe in.”

    This quote from Shelly’s “On the Necessity of Atheism”, sums up how many UU’s feel about gods.

    There Is No God

    This negation must be understood solely to affect a creative Deity. The hypothesis of a pervading Spirit co-eternal with the universe remains unshaken.

  122. Wow — first thing I thought of was National Lampoon’s Deteriorata:

    “You are a fluke
    of the universe…
    You have no right to be here…”

  123. “For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son so that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.” John 3:16 As a Christian and former Baptist(20+ years ago) I resent this video and am ashamed to see it released in any context involving God or the church. That was a big part of the reason I left the Baptists-the judging and lack of genuine love for those who do not believe exactly the same way. This video pushes people away from God and does not represent what most churches are like. Shame on them for making it, shame on them for for all the therapy that poor kid will need later, and shame on their denomination for not censoring them. If you listen closely you can hear God, not the voice of anger but His crying over the damage this video is causing…

  124. I don’t see what the big deal is. I have been listening to this crap since Anita Bryant rallied her troops from ALOT of religious people…they still preach this…I watched the Mormons and Catholics and Baptists pull together to force the SAME MESSAGE these people preach here in California except they do it with a smile and pretend to be your friend…I prefer these people because they don’t preted they “tolerate” anyone when they truly don’t. The only reason anyone has a problem with it is because they include everyone because when they just did it to gay people no one cared at all. Of course…fingers being pointed always end up pointing your way if you wait long enough.

  125. Religion is a joke and is proven with Scientology concept except they feed on your soul with the money you earn. But then again having a belief does keep one going but when people start blaming or praying for a non-existent being or asking why this is happening to them or whatnot is funny if not sinicle.

  126. Truly, Fred Phelps is the greatest satirical performance artist of our age. Sascha Baron Cohen and Stephen Colbert could learn a thing or two from this guy. Imagine the sheer dedication it must take to stay in character for that ridiculous act for so long!

  127. Say, Bob Makita, I sent them a letter yesterday saying those very things- they’re doing a lot of damage with their hate mongering and should be ashamed.

  128. I like the hardcore part “just obey him!”

    Makes me want to say “awww, thanks! God hates you too!”

    But just look at their smiling faces– let them live their lives of ignorance, false-logic and hypocracy.

    Sure, this is disgusting, but there are seriously worse ills occuring in the world. You know, “God hating us.” Lets spend our energy on those instead. These people don’t deserve your energy any more.

  129. “They’ll all burn in Hell,” added Amos in a satisfied voice, “and I mun’ surely tell them so.” … “… Maybe you think you’ll escape hell fire if ye come along o’ me, and bow down and quiver. But I’m tellin’ ye no. ‘Tes too late. Ye’ll burn wi’ the rest. There’ll be time to say what yer sins have been, but no time for more.”
    [“Cold Comfort Farm”, Stella Gibbons]

  130. Apparently God hates them as well because he made them so very homely, definitely not in his own image.

    I think I will continue to embrace proud sin.

  131. If their god hates the world, then that includes them too. They are not christians, they are hate mongers. By being hate mongers, they have condemned themselves by breaking at least one of the ten commandments which is love thy neighbor as thyself. With them violating copyright laws and recording this lame tune, they have broken yet another commandment, thou shalt not steal. This group is a joke and in need of some serious psychological help.

  132. No, seriously, the Sodom and Gomorrah thing wasn’t about homosexuality. The Bible says this explicitly.

    “Now this was the sin of your sister Sodom: she and her daughters had arrogance, abundant food and careless ease, but they did not help the poor and needy.” Ezekiel 16:49.

  133. #180 Anonymous Sorry to say but you didn’t finish
    the text,look at the next verse Ez 16:50.King James-“and they were haughty and committed abomination before me”New World-“and they continued to be haughty and carry on a detestable thing before me”
    The words-taav[detest] and tohevah[detestable thing]appear 140 times In the Hebrew Scriptures.”Detestable Things”are clearly defined in the Pentateuch.Canaanite practices such as spiritism,casting of spells and fortune telling see[De18:9-12]sacrifice of children to Molech[De 12:31,Jer32:35,2Ki16:3]incest,sodomy and bestiality[Le18:6,22-30;20:13]Transvestite conduct [De22:5] Temple prostitution,both sexes[De23:17-18,1Ki14:24]As I noted in my post #121 the intent of the male protagonists “to know’ was clearly meant in the ‘biblical’ sense This fact is confirmed by Lot’s reaction to their demand.If you could provide further evidence to refute the text I have quoted,I urge you to appraise me of it

  134. I can’t work out where these guys get the idea that it’s too late to change God’s mind. It’s unbiblical, even in the Old Testament.

    These guys remind me of the prophet Jonah. God told him to go to Nineveh and preach death and destruction. He refused, but eventually changed his mind (with assistance from a nearby fish!)

    When he finally went to Nineveh he preached exactly as he was told to do. The people heard this and turned from their wicked ways.

    Jonah went to a nearby hill to watch the destruction, which, as it turned out, had been averted. God had responded to Nineveh’s repentance.

    There follows a conversation between God and Jonah in which Jonah reveals his reason for running away in the first place: he knew that God was compassionate. He knew that God would respond mercifully to Nineveh’s repentance, and he didn’t want to give them that opportunity.

    In other words, fire was promised, but it wasn’t too late to change God’s mind.

    The prophet Jeremiah wrote this more succinctly:

    At one moment I may declare concerning a nation or a kingdom, that I will pluck up and break down and destroy it, but if that nation, concerning which I have spoken, turns from its evil, I will change my mind about the disaster that I intended to bring on it. And at another moment I may declare concerning a nation or a kingdom that I will build and plant it, but if it does evil in my sight, not listening to my voice, then I will change my mind about the good that I had intended to do to it.

    (Jer. 18:7-10)

  135. God hates gays, gay sympathizers, and pro-choicers, but he loves capitalism and Walmart! We Westboro Baptist Churchgoers go to Walmart for all our hate-mongering needs! Walmart has the cheapest video cameras, that we buy to film our awesome hate videos! Walmart also has the large scale printers we need to print our hate signs! We use PCs for all our video editing, sign and website design, and printing, because everyone knows macs are for dirty homos.

  136. Isn’t it the most wonderful irony that WBC plagiarize the work of a man widely regarded as a homosexual paedophile to spread their witless anti-gay bigotry?

    You couldn’t make it up.

  137. I wonder how these westboro deviants that pervert the legal system would cope with a class action lawsuit brought against them by every GLBT person in the USA? Large corporations regularly use lawsuits to crush small, local groups that are in the way of development, why not for actual justice this time?

  138. I really hope common folk can keep a clear distinction between Christians who follow Christ and this bunch whose path is paved with good intentions.

  139. So God hates me? Hmm that goes to confirm my long time suspicions. I knew it, all that shit I’ve been through couldn’t be just bad luck!
    Let me tell you guys, having an omnipotent being out to get you, is no fun at all.

    But I have to admit, it’s only fair that the old man hates me. After all, I never really liked Him. So I guess I should’ve seen that one coming.

    Oh well, who cares. I could never believe Him anyway. He’s just so full of shit, so how could I?

  140. OK, this is just getting out of hand.
    God must hate the world now because of them.


  141. What? I have never heard anything so seriously wrong as “God Hates The World”. God LOVES it so much that He gave His only Son to die on the Cross for it. There is no greater LOVE than for a man to lay down his life for a friend.

  142. tell you what if those people came and picketed either my brothers or my comrads funerals the only way theyed leave is in a body bagfie

  143. Westboro Baptist Church craves attention. If everyone ignored them, they couldn’t handle it. They are love starved and lonely people.

  144. This can’t be serious. This has got to be just bad satire from people who wanted to do satire but just didn’t have the talent to do it right.

  145. #191
    Thanks, that should be the only comment on this whole page. I’m catholic and I strongly believe that their hate -even though it might be for nothing else than business- is horrifying and I hope no one will ever think they are right. God gave us his son. Don’t waste this wonderful act with your sh*t

  146. Good post! A lot of people I’ve spoken with have still never heard of this church and it’s activities.
    Besides the obvious negativity that this group spreads, the saddest thing is the kids that are involved in this church. They may never get to actually choose their own spiritual path. They’ve been totally brainwashed by this twisted 2 dimensional version of Christianity.

    I wrote something up about the church as well and threw up a couple videos of them and a picture of a toddler holding a sign that says “you will eat you babies”

  147. I can’t wait for one member of this church to die in an horrible car accident so i can be all like:OH i guees God hates you too huh?

  148. Westboro Baptist Church is just another name for the Church of Cthulhu, after all the song maes alot more sence if you replase “God” with “Cthulhu”.

  149. … holy shit… these “things” can’t possibly be humans right, this can only be a joke… terrorism is a walk in the park compared to these monsters, and they’re all smiling while singing… and THE LITTLE GIRL AT THE END!

    Some people just have no souls uh?

  150. Why give these nuts what they want – attention. Somebody please rescue that child at the end, and let the rest of them continue to be the idiots they are.

  151. It certainly begs to question what gives them the right to stand on a pedestal and judge others. Although I think this group is creating this stirr for media attention. They haven’t found a way to get on the media for non-hate stuff so they have decided on the extremists. I have no idea, if they truely believe the stuff that comes out of their mouth, but either way I wish the newsreporters would ignore them. By publishing any of it, your giving the group credence. The worst part of the clip above besides the words is the children that they are raising to say these horrible things. A child whose world is being created and sadly that girl will grow up to have others hate her for her beliefs and not pitied because she has been taught to hate. I pray that the little girl finds the trueth. I pray she seperates from the group she is a part of now.

  152. Not even Al Qaeda can compare to that, they make Osama bin Laden look like Martin Luther King Jr. There ar one million words in the english language. I’ll use yiddish instead. They can best be described in chronological order as: A groyser tzuleyger, A kappore, An alter trombenick, Baitsim, Bohmerkeh, Breeye, Chamoole, Chei kuck, Choleryeh, Drek auf dem teller, Drek, Dumkop, Dybbuk, Farbissener, Farblondzhet, Farkuckt, Farschimmelt, Ferd, Finster un glitshik, Fortz n’ zovver, Geshtorben, Kopvaitik, Kurveh, Layseh mogen, Mashugga, Meshugass, Meshugeh ahf toit, Meshugoyim, Muttelmessig, Nafkeh, Nar, Ongetrunken, Paskidnye, Paskudnik, Pishechtz, Pisk, Pitshetsh, Potzevateh, Putz, Shlak, Shlooche, Shlub, Shmatteh, Shmegegi, Shmuck, Shtik drek, Tamaveter, Tinef, Toches, Traif, Tsaloochesnik, Tsedrait, Tsivildivit, Vyzoso, Yukel, and Zadnitse, among other things. Feel free to include these while picketing.

  153. I am going to be putting a spoof of this song on Youtube soon, called “God Loves the World (But He Hates Your Church)”. Anyone who thinks this is sick, please visit it, and spread the word that our God is a loving God, so we can stop things like the brainwashing at the end of this video. God Bless America (And Her People)

  154. I’m so glad I don’t serve the same god you serve. What a sad way to live your lives. My God is Jesus Christ and He loves all people…ESPECIALLY SINNERS. If you’ve read your bible lately, then you know that Jesus holds a special place in his heart for the poor, the sinners, the weak….He ate dinner with prostitues and tax collectors. I’m so glad that the little girl at the end has no real idea what she’s even saying. I pray for all of you. How sad!

  155. Can we start calling these people (by which I mean the Westboro Baptist Church protestors) Anti-Christians now, please? I think they’ve earned the name by trying to tell the world that Jesus stood for the EXACT OPPOSITE of anything he actually stood for.

  156. This would be better if they used A/C D/C’s “Highway to Hell” instead of Michael Jackson’s “We are the World”.

    In fact now that I think about it they should just ditch the choir entirely and hire A/C D/C to do their video.

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