Persepolis 2.0: fan-art story about Iran elections

Yishay sends us Persepolis 2.0, "a mini graphic novel telling the story of the last two weeks in Iran, in the style of Marjane Satrapi, by two Iranians living in Shanghai"

Persepolis 2.0 (Thanks, Yishay!)


  1. @Stefan #1

    That’s because they *are* scans of Satrapi’s work. (note the cite at the end)… wonder what Satrapi thinks of the remixing?

  2. I’ve now seen Satrapi’s work blatantly ripped off and remixed (i.e. kept the pictures but changed the dialog) in support of many political causes in Iran, of which this election is only the latest.

    It may seem petty of me, given the atrocities being perpetrated by the Iranian government, but you’d think the point could be made without putting words in the artist’s mouth.

  3. Reusing her art is a bad idea. I’m sure someone could drawn there own characters in that style and be more successful.

    Especially since anyone who read the original would know some of those charactesrs are dead and others don’t even live in Iran at the time.

  4. I have her comics, and I know the characters, but in this context I understood that they are not meant to be the same characters.
    I really liked this, and would love to know what Satrapi thinks of it.

  5. There’s no actual evidence of election fraud in Iran, and every such claim is matched by a reasonable and rational counter-claim.

    See for the compilation of claims and counter-claims.

    THINK: Was Mousavi really such a threat to the regime that they had to resort to massive electoral fraud to keep him from office? NO, sorry.

  6. Do text-altered scans (in Comic Sans) really count as fanart?

    And the text is too small in some panels… struggling to read.

  7. apologies for the comic sans and about the tiny text (we’re working on that now). we’re not professional cartoonists or publishers, just two guys trying to help educate our non-iranian friends in a simple way…

    in any case i’m amazed by the response this has gotten, and by how many non-iranians have reached out to us to ask about what they can do to help support iranians.

    if you have any suggestions, comments, or want to help get the word out pls send send us a note: spreadpersepolis at gmail

    thanks and pls keep up the support. it really is making a difference.

  8. “There’s no actual evidence of election fraud in Iran”

    Of course – there’s no evidence at all is there?

    Just release the ballots and I’m sure the web would be glad to help count them.

    (P.S. There’s evidence of election fraud in the US, but it doesn’t make any difference here either.)

  9. if Iran is a democracy (is it?), there is enough doubt for another election.

    How much does an election cost? A few million?

    How much is a young woman’s life worth?

    Fuck you, “supreme leader”, fuck you.

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