Thank you and farewell

Joshua Foer and Dylan Thuras are guest bloggers on Boing Boing. They are co-founders of the Atlas Obscura: A Compendium of the World's Wonders, Curiosities, and Esoterica.

aogoodbye.jpgMany thanks to David, Mark, Xeni, Cory, the Boing Boing team, and all of Boing Boing's readers for making these two weeks of guest blogging so terrific. We were thrilled to be able to introduce the Atlas Obscura to the world on Boing Boing.

One of the best parts of this experience has been following the thoughtful and wide-ranging discussion thread comments. We're awed by the responsiveness of BB's readers, and by the generosity with which you all have shared your knowledge and opinions.

We especially want to thank everyone who has taken time to add places to the Atlas Obscura. Over the last two weeks, the site has already grown to be more than just a collection of "wondrous, curious, and esoteric" places. Your contributions and comments are starting to turn it into a community. We hope you'll continue to share your knowledge of obscure places, so that we can continue to build the site into a truly awesome resource.

Please stay in touch with any thoughts, critiques, or suggestions that come to mind. Thanks again!

All Best,

Josh and Dylan


  1. Dear BoingBoing powers that be,

    I found Mr. Foer to be one of the best, if not the best guestblogger. I believe I read every post in great detail and to much enjoyment. I am sad to see his tenure end. I wish he would stay forever.

    Dear Mr. Foer,

    Simply, thank you. I learned about the existence of many very interesting things in this world. In an age where information is so easy to access and spreads so quickly, it sometimes feels like we’re running out of mysteries and quirks to learn about on this planet. You proved that to be a completely unfounded fear. truly enjoyable.

    I think Joshua here may now be my favorite Foer brother. I will definitely be checking out Atlas Obscura on a regular basis.

  2. I can’t help but notice that every guest blogger seems to rate a “best guest blogger”. Are we not blessed? (thanks Joshua and Dylan, you are in excellent company)

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