Cuddly felted Jabba the Hutt

Flickr user Kit Lane's created this beautiful felted Jabba the Hutt (with bunny rabbit). I could cuddle the slimy little bastard all day!

Jaba the Hutt - The Early Years (via Neatorama)


  1. what the heck, i can’t believe there are no comments on this mo. this shit is good! look at that cuddley bunny!

  2. Hopefully the creator is working on a felt Princess Leia in slave costume, you know, instead of the kitty.

  3. They should dip it in used chip fat prior to sale. That would create an appropriate juxtaposition of appearance and texture, scent.

  4. OMG where can I buy one of these…my sister has an unhealthy interest in Jabba the Hut and would love this…

  5. OH MY GOD. That’s just too fantastic….seriously, I wish I could say something wittier but this is just so INCREDIBLY awesome. You have to show how you made this, or at least make more and have them for sale.
    Please? Pleeeeaaaaase? Pretty please??

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