Zombie short film festival call for entries

Robbo sez, "Talented Toronto writers & filmmakers, Jim Taylor & Cory Laffin, have announced the first Zombie Short Film Festival and are calling for submissions. The festival will be held in Toronto, at the glorious Revue Cinema (in my friendly neighbourhood Parkdale) on October 30th. The criteria for submissions is pretty straight forward: 1) It must be a short film with a maximum running time of 20 minutes; and 2) It must involve zombies. Further details can be found on their web site."

Zombie Short Film Festival: Call For Submissions (Thanks, Robbo!)

(Image: Toothless Zombie, a Creative Commons Attribution licensed photo from Ateo Fiel's Flickr stream


  1. I am now officially way too old and way too much a mom. I saw the picture of the adorable little girl, and my first thought was “Oh, geez. Her mom is gonna have a conniption fit when she sees that white shirt, ’cause that blood is NEVER gonna come out.”

  2. the whole zombie thing is pretty played out already…

    let’s bandwagon something else and ruin it instead!

  3. I love a good short film comp, and when most people still don’t quite get what it is that separates a good zombie story from the vast awful majority it should be easy enough to have some fun and still stand out in this one.

    I’d be keener to produce something if their site didn’t make the organisers seem so half-arsed, though.

  4. I attended this festival and had a fantastic time. It was extremely well organized, completely sold out and (despite a couple of clunkers) featured short films that were alternately hilarious and horrifying.

    Maybe if some of the commenters up here spent less time looking down their noses at original ideas, there would be more cool festivals like this in T.O.

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