Sarlaac pillow

Flickr user scrumptiousdelight created this Sarlaac monster in pillow form for Stitch Wars, a Star Wars crafting show. Note all the little details, like the Boba Fett helmet on one of the tentacles.

saarlac pitlow monster (via Wonderland)


  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought this looked like something other than a Sarlaac…

  2. Er, I’m with Darren Garrison in #2. “Sarlaac” was definitely NOT the first thing that sprang to my mind.

  3. Now I can fulfill my darkest fantasies!

    Unrelated: Thanks for showing some love for my “Hitler Finds Out Palin Resigns” vid up on youtube. FSM for life!

  4. SPYDERBYTE – yes… that is what I was thinking but what I didn’t want to type/read… This is not the sort of item I want to rest my head on…

  5. i guess the nerd in me laments the fact they based it on the revised, cgi enhanced “special edition” sarlacc and not the original 1983 incarnation…

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